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The Bulls made some news today, adding freshman guard Zack Dawson from Oklahoma State. The 6’3″ 185 lbs. guard played in 5 games for the Cowboys last year, averaging 4.4 PPG and 1.6 APG. Dawson was rated as a 4-star recruit by ESPN, but was dismissed from Oklahoma State after multiple violations of team rules. Dawson will have to sit out this year, but will have 3 years of eligibility after that.

This is an interesting get for Coach Gregory and his staff as they prepare for the second season of the rebuild. It will take time, but this could be a great get for the Bulls in the future.


As I get going again on this blog, I am going to be starting a few projects for the summer months (since there are no games during that time). Here is a quick run down of what to expect moving forward.  (more…)

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If the reports are accurate, Coach Gregory has pieced together a functioning roster.

Per Joey Knight – It was reported on Monday morning that USF men’s basketball was getting another transfer, this time in center Nikola Scekic. If correct, this helps a major need for Coach Brian Gregory and the rebuilt roster.  (more…)

The Bulls, 7-22 (1-17), fell 72 to 60 to Temple to close out the regular season. It’s been a tough, long year and they have at least one more game to go before it is all over.  (more…)

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Here we are folks, the regular season finale. Our beloved Bulls, 7-21 (1-16), are taking on Temple in final game in the Sun Dome for this season (game begins at 2 PM). Temple, 15-15 (6-11), beat USF 83 to 74 back on 2/5. Here we go, the last time we will see them suit up in front of the home crowd.  (more…)

The Bulls, 7-21 (1-16), fell 56 to 59 to Central Florida as this long year slowly comes to an end. USF had a lead in this game, but it fell apart late, summing up the season overall.  (more…)

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He did eventually make his flight and should be around for this game.

The Bulls, 7-20 (1-15), are back home (yes, everyone got home after the road trip to Tulsa). They will be facing Central Florida (game begins at 7 PM), who enter the game with a record of 19-10 (10-7). Central Florida beat USF in the first meeting, 86 to 64. (more…)