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Here we are folks, the regular season finale. Our beloved Bulls, 7-21 (1-16), are taking on Temple in final game in the Sun Dome for this season (game begins at 2 PM). Temple, 15-15 (6-11), beat USF 83 to 74 back on 2/5. Here we go, the last time we will see them suit up in front of the home crowd.  (more…)


The Bulls, 7-21 (1-16), fell 56 to 59 to Central Florida as this long year slowly comes to an end. USF had a lead in this game, but it fell apart late, summing up the season overall.  (more…)

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Ok, the season really needs to come to an end right now. (Image:

The Bulls 7-19 (1-14), fell 71 to 94 to Tulane on the road. Let’s be real, Tulane had 4 wins entering this game, just 4 (one of them was at USF) and they rolled the Bulls by 23 points. This is a complete disaster, even more than the day before.  (more…)