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The Bulls, 9-5, fell 12 to 1 to Ole Miss (5 innings) but bounced back in the second game of the Stetson Tournament, beating them 6 to 3.  (more…)


The Bulls, 7-4, got run ruled in 6 innings, falling 8 to 0 to Ole Miss. USF managed just 4 hits in this opening game of the Stetson Tournament.  (more…)

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Time for some road work.

The Bulls, 7-3,  are headed to Deland as they begin the Stetson Tournament. They will face Ole Miss on Friday at 6:30 PM, Colgate on Saturday at 1:30 PM, and then Ole Miss again on Sunday at 10 AM followed by host Stetson at 12:30 PM.  (more…)