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The Bulls, 35-19-1, USF won the first game 7 to 2 over Wichita State and then less than an hour after, took on Uconn, beating them 13 to 0 in 7 innings. It was a huge day for the Bulls as they notched big time wins and had some big time efforts lead them. (more…)


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The Bulls, 29-15 (11-7), won 3 to 2 over Memphis, taking the series and adding another key win to the resume. This was a solid comeback victory for the Bulls.  (more…)

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The Bulls, 9-1, won 12 to 3 over Toledo, taking the second straight game of the series. The offense went off in the 5th inning to take this game after Toledo had taken the early lead. This team is really fun to watch.  (more…)