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The Bulls, 12-7, fell 5 to 0 to Villanova in the final day of the Under Armour Invitational Tournament. The offense managed just 2 hits and I have some questions on players that were either taken out of the game or just have not played in forever.  (more…)


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The Bulls, 12-6, swept the second day of the Under Armour Tournament, beating Ball State 6 to 2 to start the day followed by a 9 to 3 win over Towson. It was a solid day for the Bulls in the field.  (more…)

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Kristen Wyckoff was 4 for 6 with 4 steals in the double header split for the Bulls.

The Bulls, 10-6, beat Georgia State 1 to 0 in the first game of the double header, before falling to Syracuse 2 to 1 to the Orange in the first day of the Under Armour Invitational Tournament.  (more…)

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The Bulls, 9-5, fell 12 to 1 to Ole Miss (5 innings) but bounced back in the second game of the Stetson Tournament, beating them 6 to 3.  (more…)

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Cassidy Boyle was 2 for 3 in a solid USF mid-week win.

The Bulls, 7-3, won 4 to 0 over Eastern Michigan. After the game was pushed back after the Bay area got hammered by a rain front, the Bulls did not show any signs of rust and took care of business against EMU.  (more…)

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The Bulls in the second day of the Michele Smith Tournament took both of their games, beating Hofstra and Oklahoma State to improve their overall record to 6-3 on the season.  (more…)

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The Bulls, in the Michele Smith Tournament in Clearwater, Florida, moved to 4-3 on the year overall, beating Hofstra but falling to James Madison in the second game of the day.   (more…)