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The Bulls finished the 2018 season with a record of 39-23 (14-7), taking home the regular season AAC title, and made their 14 appearance in the NCAA tournament. It was a good season after a tough start.  (more…)


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The Bulls, 38-21, are in Gainesville as they begin the first round of the NCAA tournament (game begins at 5 PM on Friday). They are facing Ohio State who was 34-14 (14-8 in the Big Ten) during the regular season. (more…)

USF, 37-20, won a marathon of a game on Thursday nigh to advance to the semifinals of the AAC tournament. The Tigers are the five seed and are 37-20 as well (beat Central Florida to advance to the second day. USF was 2-1 against them during the regular season. (more…)

The Bulls, 36-20 (14-7), took home the regular season title on senior day, beating Wichita State 3 to 1. It was a great way to cap off a great season. (more…)

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Senior day is here and as the Bulls take the field for the last time this regular season, we need and should acknowledge the senior class that has led this program to a lot of success on the field.

Thank you to Amber Atkinson (Citrus, FL), Lauren Evans (Land O’Lakes, FL), Cassidy Boyle (Buchanan, NY), Morgan Gross (Reno, NV), Hannah Parker (Altoona, Iowa), Astin Donovan (Guiford, CT), Kalen “JoJo’ McGill (Gainesville, FL), and Meredith Bissette (Raleigh, NC). Their hard work on and off the field have led to a lot of great seasons for the Bulls and the USF nation can say thank you enough.

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The Bulls, 35-20 (13-7), won 6 to 1 over Wichita State, evening up the series and setting up the last game of the regular season into a big one.  (more…)

The Bulls, 32-18 (10-5), are home as they host Central Florida in a critical 3-game series starting on Friday afternoon at 4:30 PM (Saturday at 6:30 PM and Sunday at 2 PM). Central Florida enters the weekend at 30-19 (8-7).  (more…)