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Real short blog tonight. Starting Monday the blog coverage is going to change, not going away, I promise you that (I’m back full time in this game). The blogs will be coming from a new platform. The blogs will be in the same format, will still be coming from this Twitter account, and will continue to be published nearly every day as the program battles it out and the football coverage continues. It will just be from a new home.

So for the rest of the weekend (including this evening with baseball and softball), the blogs will be on this platform. On Monday, the blogs will move to their new home and tweets will come from here with links to that new blog.

Yeah, more change, but it’s going to be the same coverage, so please don’t thrown tomatoes at me just yet.


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Time for a huge 3-game series to start.

The Bulls, 34-10 (9-6), are set to end the regular season portion schedule at home as they host ECU for three games starting on Friday night. Their game against FGCU on Wednesday was cancelled thanks to a busted pipe behind the mound that kind of flooded the infield a bit.

ECU is 24-21 (4-11) entering this series. The first game is scheduled for Friday at 6:30 PM followed by game two on Saturday at 6:30 PM followed by the finale on Sunday at 1 PM. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Bulls, 31-21 (8-6), are on the road to close out the regular season as they head to Houston, who is 26-23 (10-5) on the year. The first game is set for 6:30 PM on Friday followed by 3 PM on Saturday with the finale on Sunday at 1 PM.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Per Jeff Goodman – Per the report, Coach Gregory is adding another player in former Gardner Webb point guard Laquincy Rideau to the roster. Joey Knight also confirmed the reportRead the rest of this entry »

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Duke Stunkel and the Bulls must be ready for this tough mid-week game.

The Bulls, 34-10 (9-6 in the AAC and 28-6 at home) are set to take on FGCU, 31-16 (9-9 away) in a mid-week game (game begins at 6:30 PM). FGCU beat USF back on March 22nd in a 2 to 1 game on the road, so the Bulls will be looking for some revenge in this game.  Read the rest of this entry »

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It’s that time of the year where you do not want to hear about your football program or players in the news because it usually means something bad has happened. Well, something bad has happened over the past 12 hours.

Per the Tampa Bay Times and multiple local media outlets, junior defensive end LaDarrius Jackson, has been arrested (being held on no bond at this time) on charges of sexual battery and false imprisonment.

Jackson appeared in 7 games last year as a reserve, recording 3 tackles in limited playing time.

Again, I really didn’t want to put this into a blog, but it’s in the news, it happened, and should at least be mentioned. Side note, while these two incidents are not related at all, this is the second player in the past month to be arrested.

Glad to be back

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Just a quick note to the readers, thank you. In just a few days since being back in the blogging game, I have seen the viewership on the blog jump by several hundred views which is just incredible. Again, I am not a big time blogger, just a simple guy that loves his Bulls and seeing the readership return so quickly is just awesome, even considering we are not in football season when the numbers are usually the highest. I hope to carry some of this momentum going into the month of May, so thanks for following along.