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Time to rejoin the stampede (Image:

I’m probably the most consistent blogger at being inconsistent. I stop, I return, I stop, return, change topics, etc. I’m a mess when it comes to this blogging thing and even more inconsistent when it comes to social media and staying relevant. I’m sure a lot of folks hardly follow this account anymore, but what the heck, I am going to get back in the USF blogging mix.

This Twitter and blog have been dormant for some time, so getting things back in order is probably going to take some time, but for those who still follow and roll with me, thank you as always. I will have blogs all weekend about the softball and baseball games, so stay tuned for that.


I’ll keep it fairly simply. The Bull Rush Blog is back. This is where my USF material belongs, its home, and after careful thought, I’m reviving it. I’ve jumped around a lot, but this is where I should have kept my USF blogs in the first place. Sorry for moving around so much. Hope you will continue to follow along. Stay tuned for more USF coverage starting this later today.

Hello USF readers. First off, Happy New Year. I hope everyone has a fun and safe evening no matter where you are. With that said, I wanted to give everyone a quick update on the status of this blog and the little poll I started the other day.  (more…)

Time to emerge from the tunnel in 2016 and re-assess my blogging for the new year. In doing so, I need your help!

Hello USF family, I am putting this blog together to get some information on the future of this blog and my overall writing. I am trying to figure out where this blog and all my blogs are heading towards in 2016. So please, let me explain and please vote.  (more…)

The Bulls, 11-6-3, fell 2 to 1 in overtime today in the second round of the NCAA tournament. USF was the 14th seed in the tournament and got a first round bye to start, but came up just short in this game and the season is now over.  (more…)

The Bulls, who went 11-5-3 (5-1-2 in the AAC), are the 14th seed in the NCAA tournament as Coach Kiefer and his team return to the postseason. They face Boston College, 10-7-1 (4-4-0 in the AAC) after beating Vermont in the opening round (game begins at 1 PM, rain might be a factor in this game).  (more…)

The Bulls, 15-4-3, fell 2 to 1 to FGCU in the opening round of the NCAA tournament. It was the second straight year in a row the Bulls lost after the opening game of the tournament. This one hurts (especially for a senior laden team) after such an incredible season.  (more…)