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Unlike Taggart, I’m not taking a new job, just kind of done with sports blogging on this platform.

I’ll keep this brief. The blog has been quiet for over a week now and honestly, when I fired TBR once again, I was not 100% into it and now after taking some time off, my energy to blog about USF is just not there. Don’t get it twisted, I love USF, but writing about them just isn’t my passion anymore. I’m focused on my other blog that is more about me and my life and the time that I have wanted to devote to writing about the Bulls is pretty low. I am still watching the games, still following along (even writing a little bit about them on my full time blog, if you are wondering where I’m turning my attention to), but running a USF blog is just not for me anymore.

So, this blog is going out for good. Not coming back, period. This Twitter account, @thebullrush is also going quiet. Sorry folks, I’m moving on and just changing how I operate. If you still want to follow my hot takes on USF or anything else, follow me @USFMatt for my tweets. I talk USF and everything else there.

For those who have been followers for a long time, thank you. The account will stay active for an archive and for any messages that come in, but I’m done tweeting from it. I know followers will leave, its fine. If you are fans, I hope you follow me @USFMatt moving forward.

Again, thank you again for reading the blog over the years even if it has been on and off so much. I appreciate, I really do. Just time to move on to the next chapter.

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I know softball, baseball, and basketball are all in action this week, but with work and a conference to travel to in New York this week, I won’t have the time to blog. So starting today (3/6) through next Monday (3/13), this blog is going quiet with no blogs and probably no tweets from the Bull Rush account. I’ll probably be active on my personal account, @USFmatt, but not going to be talking too much sports for the week.

In fact, if you have followed me on social media on my personal account, you know I recently published a blog about blogging in general and with some time to think about it, I might be changing how I blog overall and includes sports blogging in general. I’ll have to figure it out but for now, the site is going quite while I go pay the bills this week on the road.

I’ll keep it fairly simply. The Bull Rush Blog is back. This is where my USF material belongs, its home, and after careful thought, I’m reviving it. I’ve jumped around a lot, but this is where I should have kept my USF blogs in the first place. Sorry for moving around so much. Hope you will continue to follow along. Stay tuned for more USF coverage starting this later today.

Hello USF readers. First off, Happy New Year. I hope everyone has a fun and safe evening no matter where you are. With that said, I wanted to give everyone a quick update on the status of this blog and the little poll I started the other day.  (more…)

Time to emerge from the tunnel in 2016 and re-assess my blogging for the new year. In doing so, I need your help!

Hello USF family, I am putting this blog together to get some information on the future of this blog and my overall writing. I am trying to figure out where this blog and all my blogs are heading towards in 2016. So please, let me explain and please vote.  (more…)

The Return

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After some thoughts and nearly killing the site and account (not even archives) I am putting my USF material back on the stand alone blog. The Bulls Rush Blog returns once more!

You are probably saying to yourself “again? This guy can never make up his mind” you are correct. I find myself constantly wanting to change things, make this fresh, and come up with new ideas all the time. Well, I moved the USF material to my own personal blog, but over time realized that the USF stuff was just getting lost among a ton of other material. I had lost the interaction with the USF faithful that I loved so much so I’ve decided to come back to what I originally started, the stand alone USF blog.

The @thebullrush Twitter is not being deactivated because the blog is back. My personal account @usfmatt will continue to operate and tweet my random thoughts. The FB page will be revamped and renamed (will tweet that out later). Things will take time to get the blog back to working order and get the material moved over, but from now on, my USF stuff is coming from here. It’s time to get back to work and rededicate this site to the USF fans. Thanks as always for following along.

Per – News came out yesterday during the USF football camp on campus that TE/DE Mitchell Wilcox verbally committed to the Bulls.

Wilcox is 6’4″ 230 lbs. out of Tarpon Springs, FL (Tarpon Springs HS). Wilcox has flown under the radar early in the recruiting process with several offers from Ball State, Miami (Ohio), and others. Wilcox, who will play tight end at the collegiate level, joins Karan Higdon, Trevon Sands, and Brett Kean in the 2015 commitment class so far.