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As I get going again on this blog, I am going to be starting a few projects for the summer months (since there are no games during that time). Here is a quick run down of what to expect moving forward.  (more…)


A quick thank you

Posted: April 17, 2018 in Fun
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So a week ago I set a small goal of 700 or so views on the blog in the first month of the little return I started and wow, I have already broken that record. The blog is already set to pass 1000 page hits in the first two weeks back and I’m excited.

So this is just a quick thank you to everyone who is following the Twitter account and reading the blog. I know I am the most inconsistent USF blogger around and am not as established as The Daily Stampede or Joey Knight (seriously, they are the best in the game), but I add what I can to the internet and for those who read, thank you, it means the world to me.

I hope to add more blogs moving forward and eventually get into some fun projects for the summer months. Again, this is just a quick update/thank you for following along.

Setting a goal

Posted: April 9, 2018 in Fun
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Getting back into the blogging game has been fun over the past few days (took some time to shake the dust off). While the blog has been dominated with softball and baseball blogs, I’ll be adding some football blogs starting this week and even dropping a basketball one tomorrow (stay tuned for that). With that said, I am setting a small goal of 750 views this month. It’s a small number, but it will help me focus in and sets a goal that I want to read, which will motivate me to keep the blogs rolling out.

As always, thank you for everyone that reads the blogs, I really appreciate that. I am trying to engage with more people and get more active on the Twitter account as well (since it has been so quiet for so long). I am following a lot of USF people, so please follow back, share the blogs, etc., and let people know I am active again on here (trying to grow the “brand” as they call it). And as always, thank you for following along!

Via South Florida Video, here is a highlight tape of the USF wide receivers from the 2017 season. There is a lot of Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Tyre McCants owning secondaries and it’s a ton of fun to re-watch.

Give it a watch and enjoy.

Time to do one of the toughest positions to vote for in this ultimate team project, the wide receiver position. I put together a post a long time ago to see what positions should be in the voting and asked if there should be three wide receivers or two wide receivers and a fullback in the ultimate two-deep. The voting made it clear and they wanted to see three wide receivers on the depth chart. With that said, this vote is going to be a long one. The top 6, yes, 6, wide receivers will be taken to make the depth chart for the Bulls. It’s a lot to read up on and there are a lot of names on the list, but it will be worth it.

The top vote-getters will be the starters and the next three will be the reserves. Yes, there is a difference between slot receiver and the outside receivers, but I have just grouped all of the names together and will put them together accordingly.  (more…)

Yesterday, AD Mark Harlan presented a 5-year strategic plan to the Board of Trustees, laying out some groundwork for the future for athletics and plans they are preparing. Joey Knight of the Tampa Bay Times had a great summary as well of the presentation. Here are some of my thoughts.  (more…)

Time to move to the center of the line as we turn our focus on the center position. The Bulls have had some solid centers throughout the years, but time to vote and figure out who should be the ultimate starter for this ultimate team test. As always, it will start with the poll, followed by the stats on the old starters, and then the number of sacks allowed and rush yardage per game for each year. The top two centers will be added to the depth chart so time to get voting! (more…)