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School begins in just a week and to get you prepared for your first year at USF (or even if you have attended a few years, these tips are always good reminders after summer break) here are 50 tips to help you survive your first year at USF. (more…)


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Hello USF family. As part of the relaunch of the blog, I am doing more than just sports. Last week I put out a story in regards to the Feed-A-Bull Pantry on campus and was glad to help promote a worthy cause on campus. With that said and wanting to do more, I want to help promote and interact with student organizations on campus or events to help promote them to students and USF fans alike. So if you are part of a student organization, know of an event or drive (food drive, volunteer, etc.), please let me know because I would like to help promote said event if it helps the USF community.

I will be looking over the USF website to find the best events on campus and will help promote them as much as I can. So again, if you know something, please let me know, reach out via Twitter and let me know. Please, keep it clean, I won’t be promoting a keg party, but if you are in a student organization that is putting together something that you would like a hand with in promoting, let me know!

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Vice President of Athletics Michael Kelly joined Ronnie and T-Kras on 620 WDAE on Tuesday morning and went over a few topics in regards to the state of athletics for USF, but one jumped out to me, the indoor practice facility.  (more…)

Happy Monday

Posted: July 9, 2018 in Fun
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Happy Monday, USF family. This week is kind of a new start for the blog (as the series of blogs this week will be explaining). So get it started off on the right foot, I wanted to start the day with this song on repeat. Go Bulls!

First Full Month Back

Posted: May 1, 2018 in Fun
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I decided to fire up the blog last month and return to the USF sports world and I must say, it was a fun first few weeks. The readership numbers blew my expectations away and with that in mind, I am hoping May will be even better. I am setting another viewership goal of 1500 for this month, which is more than double the total I set up for myself last time around. It’s a high number to reach, but I think with the blog projects about to roll out later this month, I think it should be attainable.

As always, thank you, USF fans, for reading the blog and following along. I really appreciate it and hope to do better and even more moving forward.

As I get going again on this blog, I am going to be starting a few projects for the summer months (since there are no games during that time). Here is a quick run down of what to expect moving forward.  (more…)

A quick thank you

Posted: April 17, 2018 in Fun
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So a week ago I set a small goal of 700 or so views on the blog in the first month of the little return I started and wow, I have already broken that record. The blog is already set to pass 1000 page hits in the first two weeks back and I’m excited.

So this is just a quick thank you to everyone who is following the Twitter account and reading the blog. I know I am the most inconsistent USF blogger around and am not as established as The Daily Stampede or Joey Knight (seriously, they are the best in the game), but I add what I can to the internet and for those who read, thank you, it means the world to me.

I hope to add more blogs moving forward and eventually get into some fun projects for the summer months. Again, this is just a quick update/thank you for following along.