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Time to do one of the toughest positions to vote for in this ultimate team project, the wide receiver position. I put together a post a long time ago to see what positions should be in the voting and asked if there should be three wide receivers or two wide receivers and a fullback in the ultimate two-deep. The voting made it clear and they wanted to see three wide receivers on the depth chart. With that said, this vote is going to be a long one. The top 6, yes, 6, wide receivers will be taken to make the depth chart for the Bulls. It’s a lot to read up on and there are a lot of names on the list, but it will be worth it.

The top vote-getters will be the starters and the next three will be the reserves. Yes, there is a difference between slot receiver and the outside receivers, but I have just grouped all of the names together and will put them together accordingly.  (more…)

Yesterday, AD Mark Harlan presented a 5-year strategic plan to the Board of Trustees, laying out some groundwork for the future for athletics and plans they are preparing. Joey Knight of the Tampa Bay Times had a great summary as well of the presentation. Here are some of my thoughts.  (more…)

Time to move to the center of the line as we turn our focus on the center position. The Bulls have had some solid centers throughout the years, but time to vote and figure out who should be the ultimate starter for this ultimate team test. As always, it will start with the poll, followed by the stats on the old starters, and then the number of sacks allowed and rush yardage per game for each year. The top two centers will be added to the depth chart so time to get voting! (more…)

After selecting the ultimate left tackles in my project, we move over one spot to the left guard position for the next poll. Again, I will list the poll for the voting, then will list the players and their histories that appear on the poll, and finally the number of sacks allowed/rushing yards per game for each season. So let’s continue to build our ultimate team as work our way through the trenches.  (more…)

Well, we have our special teams and defense locked down for this ultimate team project, now we turn our focus to the offense, beginning with the left tackle position. There have been a lot of big men protecting the blind side of our quarterbacks since 1997, some greater than others. In order to figure out the best tackle, I have added a small table that lists the number of sacks allowed that season by the unit as a whole and the number of rushing yards per game they averaged. While it doesn’t zero in on how many pancakes or sacks allowed a tackle had, it does give you an idea of how the unit did each year with the tackle being part of that unit.  (more…)

Time to vote for the last member of the ultimate team in the secondary, the safety position. There have been some great ones over the years from Anthony Henry, Nate Allen, Jerrell Young, and others. Time to vote for the top two starters and who would be behind them on the depth chart. Let’s get voting! (more…)

This is going to be one of the more interesting battles in this ultimate team creation. USF has had a lot of great corners over the years from Anthony Henry, to Mike Jenkins, to Kayvon Webster, and more along the way. The top 4 will make the ultimate team depth chart that is quickly coming together and its already looking great. So vote away! (more…)