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At number five is junior linebacker Nico Sawtelle who enters this season at a key and new position for him.  (more…)


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At number six is corner back Ronnie Hoggins. The senior will be a key leader in the secondary this season. (more…)

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Coming in at number seven in this list is tight end Mitchell Wilcox. He is the lone veteran at the tight end position. (more…)

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Next in the count down, coming in at number eight, is running back Jordan Cronkrite who is ready to break out in 2018.  (more…)

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Number nine on my list is a player that missed last year due to injury but is ready for the 2018 season. Coming in next in the count down is senior wide receiver Ryeshene Bronson.  (more…)

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To start this count down, I am going with a new player on the roster, one that has never played a down for USF. Coming in at number ten for me is punter Trent Schneider. (more…)

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So to get the USF blogs back rolling, this is the announcement of a new series. Instead of doing a count down of the roster or something like that (like I said, I’ll leave that to the big time experts that report on USF), I’m going to list the top 10 players I think are critical to the success of this football team in 2018. They will cover offense, defense, and special teams. It will be a fun way to look at key players and what positions they are so important to. I hope everyone enjoys the series and I look forward to getting the posts started with number 10 coming on Wednesday.