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Unlike Taggart, I’m not taking a new job, just kind of done with sports blogging on this platform.

I’ll keep this brief. The blog has been quiet for over a week now and honestly, when I fired TBR once again, I was not 100% into it and now after taking some time off, my energy to blog about USF is just not there. Don’t get it twisted, I love USF, but writing about them just isn’t my passion anymore. I’m focused on my other blog that is more about me and my life and the time that I have wanted to devote to writing about the Bulls is pretty low. I am still watching the games, still following along (even writing a little bit about them on my full time blog, if you are wondering where I’m turning my attention to), but running a USF blog is just not for me anymore.

So, this blog is going out for good. Not coming back, period. This Twitter account, @thebullrush is also going quiet. Sorry folks, I’m moving on and just changing how I operate. If you still want to follow my hot takes on USF or anything else, follow me @USFMatt for my tweets. I talk USF and everything else there.

For those who have been followers for a long time, thank you. The account will stay active for an archive and for any messages that come in, but I’m done tweeting from it. I know followers will leave, its fine. If you are fans, I hope you follow me @USFMatt moving forward.

Again, thank you again for reading the blog over the years even if it has been on and off so much. I appreciate, I really do. Just time to move on to the next chapter.

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I know softball, baseball, and basketball are all in action this week, but with work and a conference to travel to in New York this week, I won’t have the time to blog. So starting today (3/6) through next Monday (3/13), this blog is going quiet with no blogs and probably no tweets from the Bull Rush account. I’ll probably be active on my personal account, @USFmatt, but not going to be talking too much sports for the week.

In fact, if you have followed me on social media on my personal account, you know I recently published a blog about blogging in general and with some time to think about it, I might be changing how I blog overall and includes sports blogging in general. I’ll have to figure it out but for now, the site is going quite while I go pay the bills this week on the road.

Ryeshene Bronson became a reliable target last year in the passing game. 2016 should be a break out year for him, but there is a lot of depth on the roster that he will have to beat out for the starting job.

Sorry these haven’t been posting for the last few days. We are getting back to work!


Jordan Reed took the field last year as a true freshman at the slot receiver position and will be looking to make a bigger impact in 2016.  (more…)

Marquez Valdes-Scantling transferred to the Bulls last year out of NC State and had to sit out for the 2015 season. Now, ready to go in 2016, Marquez has already showed the signs of becoming a monster for the passing game. Fans should be really excited about this young man.  (more…)

Time to do one of the toughest positions to vote for in this ultimate team project, the wide receiver position. I put together a post a long time ago to see what positions should be in the voting and asked if there should be three wide receivers or two wide receivers and a fullback in the ultimate two-deep. The voting made it clear and they wanted to see three wide receivers on the depth chart. With that said, this vote is going to be a long one. The top 6, yes, 6, wide receivers will be taken to make the depth chart for the Bulls. It’s a lot to read up on and there are a lot of names on the list, but it will be worth it.

The top vote-getters will be the starters and the next three will be the reserves. Yes, there is a difference between slot receiver and the outside receivers, but I have just grouped all of the names together and will put them together accordingly.  (more…)

Yesterday, AD Mark Harlan presented a 5-year strategic plan to the Board of Trustees, laying out some groundwork for the future for athletics and plans they are preparing. Joey Knight of the Tampa Bay Times had a great summary as well of the presentation. Here are some of my thoughts.  (more…)