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There are a lot of positives after the first four weeks, but there are also some concerns after the first four games of the year. Here are my top five as the team hits the bye week. (more…)


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So here we are, 4-0 and in the bye week. There have been a lot of positives and some negatives through the first four games. Here are my five biggest pleasant surprises so far this season. (more…)

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Here are the numbers the Bulls have allowed this year on defense compared to the numbers they posted last year. Here is how the two year’s compare to each other so far.  (more…)

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It is week three in the NFL as several former Bulls were in action on Sunday and another will be in action tonight when JPP and the Bucs host Pittsburgh on Monday night football. (more…)

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So as the Bulls hit the bye week, I wanted to compare the numbers the Bulls have posted on both sides of the ball, both on offense and defense, and how they compare to the numbers the Bulls posted last year. Now, I know I am looking at different players between last year and this year and the number of overall games is different as well, but a quick look can show you how the trend is going for the team. In this quick post, this is a look at the 2017 vs. the 2018 offense. (more…)

The Bulls are 4-0 and head into the bye week at a key time. Here are some final thoughts after their win over ECU on Saturday night. (more…)

The Bulls, 4-0, won 20 to 13 in a close and ugly game. There was not a lot going on offense and the defense had to lock down throughout the game to close this one out. (more…)