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School begins in just a week and to get you prepared for your first year at USF (or even if you have attended a few years, these tips are always good reminders after summer break) here are 50 tips to help you survive your first year at USF. (more…)


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Hello USF family. As part of the relaunch of the blog, I am doing more than just sports. Last week I put out a story in regards to the Feed-A-Bull Pantry on campus and was glad to help promote a worthy cause on campus. With that said and wanting to do more, I want to help promote and interact with student organizations on campus or events to help promote them to students and USF fans alike. So if you are part of a student organization, know of an event or drive (food drive, volunteer, etc.), please let me know because I would like to help promote said event if it helps the USF community.

I will be looking over the USF website to find the best events on campus and will help promote them as much as I can. So again, if you know something, please let me know, reach out via Twitter and let me know. Please, keep it clean, I won’t be promoting a keg party, but if you are in a student organization that is putting together something that you would like a hand with in promoting, let me know!

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As I’ll explain later, I am trying to branch out a bit from the USF sports blogging a bit moving forward and want to include events going on around the campus and Tampa that are connected to USF. One that has caught my attention recently is the USF Feed-A-Bull food pantry that has been established on campus. Direct link to their website is HERE(more…)