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Here we go, the voting for the center position over the past decade, from the 2008 season through the 2017 season, is here to begin this series.

One center will take the top spot in the starting five. Any other centers that are getting a lot of votes will either make the roster as a reserve or will get an honorable mention in the final recap. I hope everyone enjoys the voting and please make sure to share it and vote away. (more…)


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Hello, USF fans, time to start a really fun project. I have put together a poll where I want USF fans to vote for who they believe should be part of the all decade team for women’s basketball. This is going to be a fun series so let me explain the ground rules I hope to go with.  (more…)

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Per Joey Knight – The Bulls have landed a commit from the 6’6″ small forward Madut Akec out of Bradenton, FL (Victory Rocks Prep).

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of data about him on the recruiting sites but I did find this short highlight video of some of highlight tape (with other players):


The Bulls made some news today, adding freshman guard Zack Dawson from Oklahoma State. The 6’3″ 185 lbs. guard played in 5 games for the Cowboys last year, averaging 4.4 PPG and 1.6 APG. Dawson was rated as a 4-star recruit by ESPN, but was dismissed from Oklahoma State after multiple violations of team rules. Dawson will have to sit out this year, but will have 3 years of eligibility after that.

This is an interesting get for Coach Gregory and his staff as they prepare for the second season of the rebuild. It will take time, but this could be a great get for the Bulls in the future.

As I get going again on this blog, I am going to be starting a few projects for the summer months (since there are no games during that time). Here is a quick run down of what to expect moving forward.  (more…)

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2017 was another rough year for the men’s basketball program. It was a year of transition and rebuilding and as the 2018 season looms down the road, fans are already casting doubt upon the upcoming season. I’m here to simply say, relax. (more…)

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Time to rejoin the stampede (Image:

I’m probably the most consistent blogger at being inconsistent. I stop, I return, I stop, return, change topics, etc. I’m a mess when it comes to this blogging thing and even more inconsistent when it comes to social media and staying relevant. I’m sure a lot of folks hardly follow this account anymore, but what the heck, I am going to get back in the USF blogging mix.

This Twitter and blog have been dormant for some time, so getting things back in order is probably going to take some time, but for those who still follow and roll with me, thank you as always. I will have blogs all weekend about the softball and baseball games, so stay tuned for that.