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The Bulls, 26-14 (9-6), continue their homestand as they host Bethune Cookman on Tuesday night (game begins at 6:30 PM). BC is 17-24 on the year (6-14 away from home). USF beat BC 16 to 1 back on 2/28 in Daytona.  (more…)


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The Bulls, 26-14 (9-6), won 4 to 2 over Central Florida on Sunday afternoon, taking the series and adding another solid win to their resume.  (more…)

The Bulls, 25-14 (8-6), beat Central Florida 5 to 4 to take the second game the critical three game series. There was a rain delay, but USF was able to weather that and the late charge against the Bulls.  (more…)

The Bulls, 24-14 (7-6), fell 1 to 0 to Central Florida in the opening game of this critical 3-game series. This was a tough game with offense being a luxury in this match-up.  (more…)

The Bulls, 24-13 (7-5), are set to defend the home field in a critical 3-game series against Central Florida starting on Friday night at 7 PM (rest of the games are Saturday at 6:30 PM and Sunday at 1 PM). Central Florida is 26-12 (6-6) entering this series.  (more…)

The Bulls, 24-13, beat UNF 7 to 1 in the mid-week match-up. This was a solid game for the Bulls as they add another victory to the resume.  (more…)

The Bulls, 23-13 (7-5), are back home as they host UNF on Tuesday night (game begins at 6:30 PM). UNF on the other side is 18-18 on the season (1-10 away from home). USF beat UNF 12 to 5 on the road back on 3/21.  (more…)