USF football: Areas of concern: Starting Quarterback

Posted: April 18, 2018 in Football
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So who wins the starting job? (Image:

This one is prettysimple, who will be the starting quarterback in 2018 for USF?

USF has been led by Quinton Flowers over the past few years and as he heads to the NFL, the position is open and the competition will likely go all the way through fall camp before a starter is named. My concern is pretty simple, we don’t know who it’s going to be and that is a little unnerving after have a proven starter for the past few years.

Now with all due respect to Kyle Trina and incoming freshmen Octavious Battle and Jordan McCloud, the battle for the starting job is between sophomore Chris Oladokun and junior Brett Kean (that is how its going to be). Both are talented quarterbacks, both having some playing experience, and both know the playbook. But who will win? Both are splitting the reps at practice and will likely continue this battle throughout the fall.

As a fan, I want an answer, but like everyone else, we will have to be patient and hope the best man wins the job. Will Oladokun win? Maybe, he is very mobile and has a very good arm. What about Kean? Kean has a year on Oladokun and has played more, showing a talented arm in the few attempts he has been given. I know that McCloud and Battle will push for a spot, but at this point, unless either one has an insane fall camp, it is down to the two veterans and someone has to take that first snap on September 1st.


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