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Posted: April 18, 2018 in Basketball, Football, Fun, Recruiting
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As I get going again on this blog, I am going to be starting a few projects for the summer months (since there are no games during that time). Here is a quick run down of what to expect moving forward. 

Men’s basketball

For the basketball project, I am going to put together some kind of poll and have readers vote who they would want on a fantasy team using players that have suited up for the program over a prolonged period of time (like a decade or so). So, it would allow fans to vote who they would want to be on their ultimate fantasy USF basketball team. Would you want a team of Jawanza Poland and Anthony Collins together with Melvin Buckley shooting 3s? It is a tough project, but might the first of its kind in terms of the program and this kind of idea.


As for football, this is where the plans get really crazy. I will have three projects going this summer and they will be intense. First will be the traditional Rush Through the Roster series, profiling every single football player on the roster. It’s a good project because it introduces players that sometimes are not talked about enough.

The other two projects are way more intense. The first will be revisiting old recruiting classes. I did some of these in the past, but will clean those up, re-launch them, and add more years. I am thinking about from 2005 to 2013 to review the old classes and their USF careers. It will be a fun way to walk down memory lane and get to know some of the older players that might have been forgotten about.

The final project and the toughest is creating the ultimate team. If you know me, I did this blog series before to create the greatest USF team in program history. This means voting on who you think is the best quarterback, running back, center, punter, etc. and creating the ultimate two deep. This is another massive project, but one that is really fun. I have done it before, but I messed up with the voting and had trouble locating data before. I think with a fresh approach, I can have a successful project with a better voting process as well. And when I say it’s a massive project, it is. It means identifying every player that has ever started a game in program history. It’s a lot of work!

So these are some of the project ideas that I hope to get started and get on the roll in about a month or so.


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