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The Bulls completed their spring game over a week ago and everyone has been weighing in one some of their concerns the team is facing entering the 2017 season. Well, I wanted to add my two cents to the mix as the summer months draw closer. Here are three areas that I am most worried about moving forward. 

Offensive line

One of the biggest concerns for this team is replacing two starters in Kofi Amichia and Dominique Threatt. Those are two key starters including the veteran left tackle that the unit must now replace in 2017. The key returning guys up front are Cameron Ruff, Jeremi Hall, and Marcus Norman, but others have to step up. Bill Atterbury, time to rise up. What are we going to get out of Glen Bethel? Who will be the reserves? The unit is pretty young on the two deep so this summer is critical for them to get into the weight room, get stronger, and then shine this fall to help really secure the position both at starting jobs, but also for reserve positions.


There is no secret the linebacker position is one of the biggest areas of concern and even more so after Malik Dixon announced he was leaving last week. With Auggie Sanchez missing the spring after recovering from labrum surgery, the unit has been thin and no one has really stepped up to take over as a leader and play maker for the position. Nico Sawtelle, Danny Thomas, and others, it’s time to shine. Will Mi’Cario Stanley and Andre Polk step up and take some playing time in the fall? Remember, there is only one incoming linebacker (listed at that position) in 2-star Keriston Johnson, so unless something changes, the Bulls will have to find the answers in the middle in-house.

Pressure on Quinton Flowers?

The final position is quarterback and Quinton Flowers. I know, it’s strange, but hear me out. I love Flowers, he is incredible to watch and carries himself well off the field as well. He has overcome a lot in his young life and has accomplished so much but now the eyes are all on him, even more so from outside the program. Heisman watches are adding him to their lists, national reporters are talking about the Bulls and their chances at breaking through and making it to a January game. The expectations and pressure are up, more than ever before. Can he handle it? I believe he can and he has the support system around him to deal with it, but I just wonder if he opens the year with some jitters, trying to hit the big plays early, trying to do too much.

There are more than just three concerns, there will always be concerns as the team hits the summer months, but these are three big ones that stand out to me.


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