Unit in review: Tight ends

Posted: December 31, 2015 in Football
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The tight end position became a big time threat in the passing game as Sean Price and company became go to targets for Quinton Flowers throughout the season. Here is how the position looked in 2015. 

Here is the depth chart: 

Sean Price – 6’3″ 252 lbs. – Senior – Price started 12 games and played in all 13. He caught 19 passes for 296 yards (15.6 yards per catch) and had 5 touchdowns, resetting the touchdown record for a USF tight end in the process.

Elkanah Dillon – 6’5″ 245 lbs. – Redshirt freshman – Dillon played in 10 games (missed a few due to injury). He caught 9 passes for 208 yards (23.1 yards per catch) and had 2 receiving touchdowns.

Marlon Pope – 6’4″ 260 lbs. – Senior – Pope has played in all 13 games this year, making 2 starts. He caught 2 passes for 42 yards.

Rest of the roster: 

Spencer Adkinson – 6’3″ 237 lbs. – Sophomore – Adkinson did not play this year.

Ryan Hintze – 6’6″ 235 lbs. – Redshirt freshman – Hintze did not play this season.

Mitchell Wilcox – 6’4″ 236 lbs. – Freshman – Wilcox did not play in 2015.

Tye Turner – 6’3″ 255 lbs. – Senior – Turner started 1 game in 2015 and played in 13 overall. He did not receive a pass.

2015 review: 

The tight end position became a reliable target for Quinton Flowers and the passing game this year. Sean Price had his best season and recorded 5 touchdowns in the process. He had always showed flashes of his ability and finally got the focus he needed to produce. Marlon Pope and Tye Turner became reliable blockers and Elkanah Dillon emerged on the scene. In the spring, we all heard about Dillon’s ability to catch and we got to see a bit of it during the season and have a lot of hope in him going into next year. Overall, they provided Flowers and the passing game a safety valve down the field in the passing game.

2016 preview: 

The Bulls will have to replace Price, Pope, and Turner next year, leaving the position thin on experience at the start. Dillon should return as the big time starter for the Bulls in the passing game, but they will need more in the protection game and for another player to emerge as a pass catching threat down the field. Will Wilcox emerge or will Adkinson, a veteran (at least in years) get a chance to step up and take over? It will be interesting to see how the Bulls recruit the position in the offseason and see how the unit comes together as spring ball begins next year.


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