USF MBB takes on Houston to begin AAC

Posted: December 30, 2015 in Basketball
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The Bulls, 3-10, are back after their holiday break to begin AAC play with Houston coming to Tampa (game begins at 2 PM). The Cougars are 10-2 on the season and are playing at a very high level. This game will not be an easy one. USF enters the game averaging just 64 PPG (shooting 26% from 3-point range) while allowing 71.4 PPG. They are also averaging 40.6 RPG (allowing 37.1 RPG). Houston is averaging 84 PPG (allowing 69.9 PPG) and 41 RPG (allowing 34 RPG). If the Bulls can’t hit their shots, this game could get real ugly for them.

The Cougars are led by senior forward Devonta Pollard (6’8″ 200 lbs.) who is averaging 13.8 PPG, 6.7 RPG, and has 9 blocks along with 12 steals on the season. He is a big scoring threat that will be tough to contain for the USF front court. Junior guard Daymyea Dotso (6’5″ 210 lbs.) is averaging 12.9 PPG (21 for 61 from 3-point range), 7.9 RPG, and has 3 blocks and 7 steals on the year (scoring threat from the backcourt where the Bulls have struggled all season on defense). Redshirt junior guard Ronnie Johnson (6′ 180 lbs.) is averaging 12.8 PPG, 3.3 RPG and has 12 steals on the season, giving the Cougars another big time scoring threat in the backcourt. A player to watch off the bench is sophomore guard Rob Gray, Jr. (6’2″ 185 lbs.) who is averaging 18.5 PPG (25 for 66 from 3-point range), 2.4 RPG, and has 13 steals (something else the USF defense has to worry about in this game among other things).

Let’s face reality, folks. This game could get ugly for this young team if they can’t hit their shots and get out on the perimeter on defense. Houston is a high scoring team and if the Bulls can’t find a way to either keep pace or a way to slow them down, it could be a long afternoon at the Sun Dome.



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