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Posted: December 30, 2015 in Baseball, Basketball, Football, Fun, Recruiting, Soccer, Softball, Volleyball
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Time to emerge from the tunnel in 2016 and re-assess my blogging for the new year. In doing so, I need your help!

Hello USF family, I am putting this blog together to get some information on the future of this blog and my overall writing. I am trying to figure out where this blog and all my blogs are heading towards in 2016. So please, let me explain and please vote. 

I’ve been running the Bull Rush Blog for a long time. I have jumped around a bit in the past, but after coming to my senses, finally came back to where I am the happiest at, my own blog that covers USF. I used to use Blogger as my platform way back in the day, but moved it over to WordPress and things have been fun. I love blogging and talking about USF sports, but I’ve come to a crossroads in my blogging life.

I want to do more, but not just for USF. I want to blog about other things but I have come across this issue in the past. I started the USFMatt Blog which originally started as a travel blog, but quickly became a Rays blog, then went to USF, then went back to a normal blog that had really no direction. The old USFMatt blog had baseball, some Magic, some anime/manga stuff, and was just all over the place, something that is not becoming of a big time blog. I have started the Brain Storming the Bay blog, but thus far, I haven’t been able to find out the direction for that blog either.

So as the new year comes around, I am wanting to start 2016 off on the right foot and make one solid decision on how I blog. I have jumped around too much and need to make up my mind for the final time.

So these are the options I have at the table and hope you can give me some advice or suggestions.

  1. The Bull Rush Blog and the Brain Storming the Bay blogs remain separated as they are now.
  2. Combine the two blogs. Either by creating a new, fresh blog, or bringing back the USFmatt blog or even moving the Bull Rush material over to the Brain Storming Blog.
  3. Shut down the Brain Storming blog and dedicate all time to the Bull Rush Blog. Relaunch the Brain Storming blog when I’ve figured out what I am doing.

These are the three that have come to mind thus far. The problem I face is I like to blog and write about various topics. They are often all over the place and can’t really be grouped into a narrow slot. For example, I can blog about the best food place in Tampa and the next day want to blog about politics or something else. It’s really hard to a blog going when the target audience isn’t sure what to make of the blog. It’s also tough to keep two blogs going, making sure both have content and not neglecting one or the other.

So any advice would be great. Should I return to the single blog and let all of the content flow? It might be messy! Or should I keep two blogs going knowing one will dominate the other both in time, but also in the amount of content and readership? Or should I ramp up the Bull Rush blog and put the other one to sleep for now? I’m eager to see how the voting goes.


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