Five Keys for USF vs. Western Kentucky

Posted: December 18, 2015 in Football
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Here we go, the five keys to this huge bowl game for the two programs. There are a lot of storylines and scenarios going into the game, here are the top five to me. 

Run Mack, control the clock – For the Bulls to win this game, they need to feed the Mack Attack and let him control the game (along with Quinton Flowers). WKU will spread the field and throw it all over the place, using tempo and its tough to face that. The USF defense is prepared for it, but to help them out, the Bulls need to run the ball and control the clock. If they keep WKU on the sidelines, move the ball and score, it will help lead them to the victory.

Force turnovers – This game has the makings of a shoot-out with both offenses bringing a lot of firepower to the field, one running and the other passing the ball. With that said, the Bulls will need to force some turnovers to help turn momentum around for the offense and to give it back to the offense. It will slow down WKU on offense and help the offense get more points and get ahead on the board. This is going to be a key point for Coach Allen and his unit.

Stop Brandon Doughty – Doughty is a great quarterback who has over 40 touchdown passes and leads a spread offense that is averaging over 40 points per game. They are talented and are tough to stop. If the Bulls want to get to that 9th win of the season, they have to stop the passing game by getting pressure, forcing bad throws, and getting some drives to stall out and keep Doughty and company off the field. If the Bull Sharks can do that, the Bulls stand a chance in the game.

Seniors rise up – Here we are, seniors. Its a bowl game, the first time since 2010. These seniors, including Eric Lee, Sean Price, and company, have gone through some tough years, working hard to rebuild this program. Now here they are, the postseason, and now its time to shine and end it all with a huge victory. This team has come so far for the Bulls and now its time to cap it off. If they get the victory in this game, the foundation for the rebirth of the program will be set.

Coach Taggart – Coach Taggart is saying all the right things. Its all about the teams, the players, and he is proud of former program and their success. While he won’t say anything, he has to be feeling kind of odd watching his old program on the other side while coaching his team against them. Hopefully he can get the butterflies down, keep calm, and lead the team to victory. It won’t be easy, but he knows how to get it done in this game.



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