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Posted: December 2, 2015 in Basketball
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Alisia Jenkins is a rebounding machine.

As the Bulls prepare to take on Harvard on Thursday night, Courtney Williams and Alisia Jenkins continue to climb up the rankings in the USF record books. 

Let’s start with with Alisia Jenkins, the senior forward that has become a rebounding machine during her career. She stands at 1049 career points, which ranks her 17th all time in the record books. She is trailing Inga Orekhova who is 16th all time at 1072 points, a number Jenkins should reach and surpass in the next couple of games. She has 141 blocks, ranking 4th all time. 3rd place is Brittany Denson who totaled 173 blocks in her career. Its a tough number to reach, but it can be done. The record that she is closest to is the career rebounding total. Right now, Jenkins has 1034 career rebounds and trails first place Wanda Guyton who has 1077 in her career. Jenkins should pass Guyton and take first place in just a few games, a historic mark in the USF record books.

Courtney Williams = point. It’s simple math.

Now we get to the scoring machine, Courtney Williams. Williams totaled 710 points last year and averaged 20.3 PPG and she is off to a faster pace this season. Right now, she is averaging 28 PPG and as it stands today, has 1541 points entering the game against Harvard. She is 92 points away from 4th place in the record books, but has a chance at the ultimate record, the most points ever scored in a USF career. That record belongs to Jessica Dickson who totaled 2402 points in her incredible USF career. Williams is 721 points away from that mark, a number that is greater than her entire 2014 season combined. It’s an incredible number to reach, but if the season continues the way it is for the Bulls and they make it to the postseason, Williams could hit that mark. The Bulls have 25 games left in the regular season, which means Williams could hit that mark if she is averages 28.8 PPG throughout the season. Its an incredibly tough number to maintain as defenses will be keying on her the rest of the way, but it is what she is currently averaging right now. She has the ability to make it happen.

There are some other records that Williams continues to chase down. She has 689 career rebounds now, ranking 9th all time. 8th place belongs to Ezira Parsons at 729, so Williams could hit that mark before the end of the season. Williams also has 66 career blocks, ranking 11th all time (incredible for a guard). 10th place stands at 75 (Ezira again), so Williams could also move up in the record books there as well.

While the team chases the postseason again this year, make sure to follow along with these individual records that Williams and Jenkins are chasing down. It will be fun to watch along with the victories that will come along with them.


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