Meet the Cincinnati Coaching staff

Posted: November 17, 2015 in Football
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Time to meet the Cincinnati coaching staff. Coach Tuberville brings a lot of experience with him to the field and has a veteran staff around him.  

Head Coach Tommy Tuberville – Tuberville took over back in 2012 after spending the three previous years coaching Texas Tech. Tuberville is a veteran coach that will use various formations on offense in their spread system and will switch up his defense as well to battle any style that takes the field against his unit. Tuberville, as mentioned, is a veteran coach that used to coach Auburn years ago. He has won at every level and continues to have great success at Cincinnati.

Offensive coordinator/Running backs coach Eddie Gran – Gran is in his third year with the Bearcats (served as their wide receivers coach back in 1992). Before he joined Cincinnati, he was the running backs and special teams coach for FSU. He has a lot of experience with spread offenses and with his expertise, the Bearcat running backs are tough to defend against. Coach Tom Allen will have to pull out all the stops in this game against the Bearcat offense.

Co-defensive coordinator/defensive line coach Robert Prunty – Prunty joined the Bearcats back in 2013 after spending the past 3 years at Texas Tech with Tuberville. While Prunty coaches up the defensive line and works with Steve Clinkscale to coach that unit, he is better known for his recruiting ability and is regarded as their top coach when it comes to that department.

Co-defensive coordinator/defensive backs coach Steve Clinkscale – Clinkscale joined the Bearcats back in 2013 after spending the past three years as the Illinois secondary coach. Clinkscale has been a coach on several teams that all use the spread offense scheme, so his secondary is ready to be spread out all over the field. Coach Taggart, Coach Reaves, and Coach Hope all have to come up with schemes and playcalling that can deal with a very fast and athletic secondary.


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