Reviewing the units: Offensive line

Posted: December 15, 2014 in Football

The offensive line was one of the biggest questions entering the year. Last season the front five struggled to protect the quarterbacks or get the run game going as the adjusted to the new offensive scheme. In the offseason, the unit got bigger and stronger, re-dedicating themselves to get better and become the engine of the offense. Let’s review their grade to enter the year and how they did at the end of the season. 

Preseason grade: C-

If you watched the games last year, you knew the offensive line was just awful. They were adjusting to a power run offense after being in a spread system for years. The unit was too small to do everything Coach Taggart wanted to and it showed on the field. The line struggled all year to get a push and the offense struggled to get going. So to enter the year, while the unit got bigger in the weight room, I still had my doubts and issues. That is why the grade was the lowest among all of the units. Now let’s see how they did this year and what each player contributed.

#78 Austin Retier – 6’3″ 296 lbs. – Senior – Started all 12 games at center

#75 Kofi Amichia – 6’4″ 290 lbs. – Sophomore – Appeared in 4 games, making 2 starts.

#62 Lucas Cancio – 6’5″ 283 lbs. – Sophomore – Did not play this year

#67 Tyler Denver – 6’3″ 284 lbs. – Freshman – Did not play this year

#71 Mak Djulbegovic – 6’5″ 293 lbs. – Junior – Played in 10 games

#70 Quinterrius Eatmon – 6’6″ 313 lbs. – Senior – Played in all 12 games, starting at right guard (played left guard in season finale)

#68 Michael Galati – 6’3″ 286 lbs. – Freshman – Did not play this year

#66 Brynjar Gudmundsson – 6’4″ 305 lbs. – Junior – Started all 12 games, mostly at right tackle (played right guard in season finale)

#73 Jeremi Hall – 6’5″ 345 lbs. – Redshirt freshman – Played in 7 games

#72 Sam Janetzke – 6’2″ 283 lbs. – Freshman – Did not play this year

#64 Thor Jozwiak – 6’4″ 321 lbs. – Junior – Started 8 games at left guard, missed 4 games due to injuries.

#77 Jake Kaufman – 6’9″ 342 lbs. – Senior – Did not play this year

#79 Benjamin Knox – 6’6″ 287 lbs. – Freshman – Did not play this year

#74 Cameron Ruff – 6’3″ 313 lbs. – Redshirt freshman – Played in 2 games, starting 1 game

#63 Micheal Smith – 6’3″ 319 lbs. – Freshman – Did not play this year

#61 Dominique Threatt – 6’1″ 320 lbs. – Sophomore – Appeared in 6 games, making 1 start

#76 Darrell Williams – 6’5″ 307 lbs. – Senior – Started all 12 games at left tackle

#69 Zach Hudson – 6’5″ 302 lbs. – Freshman – Did not play this year

The Bulls were improved this year. Austin Reiter, a 3-year starter, did well and never missed a game. Quinterrius Eatmon played well when he moved over to right guard and Gudmundsson did well moving to the outside. Darrell Williams had a decent year, capping off starting on the edge for the past three years. It was good to see Thor back in the lineup, but he did have injuries during the year, taking him out for multiple games. Overall, the unit played much better this season compared to the 2013 season. They had to shift a few players during the year due to injuries, but overall, they played well and the offense was able to produce more yards and points this season compared to the disaster of 2013.

Postseason grade: C+

The grade is still low bu it is improved compared to a year ago. With that said though, while they did progress, there is still a lot for this unit to improve upon and they can be better. The unit did have some injuries to deal with throughout the season, but adjusted well. Marlon Mack and the running game got going more this year which was great. Yet, the USF quarterbacks took a beating during the course of the year. They struggled at times in protection and the passing game reflected it (among other reasons). It was a much better year for this unit, but it still wasn’t enough to get the offense going more. They will have to work hard once again in the offseason if they want to improve in 2015.



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