Per reports: 3 coaches out at USF

Posted: December 8, 2014 in Football

Per reports, Coach Taggart is making some major changes to his coaching staff.


Per Joey Knight and Josh Newberg – Per the reports from Josh Newberg (citing sources) and Joey Knight, it appears USF is making major changes to the coaching staff. Per the reports, defensive coordinator Chuck Bresnahan, offensive coordinator Paul Wulff, and secondary coach Ron Cooper are all out. 

Bresnahan just completed his 2nd year with USF.


Bresnahan just completed his 2nd season with the Bulls after spending a majority of his career in the NFL and other stops. He switched the defense to a 3-4 this year (out of necessity) and things didn’t improve that much compared to a year ago. Paul Wulff just completed his first year with USF after spending the prior year on the San Francisco 49ers staff. Before that, Wulff was the head coach at Washington State for several years. Ron Cooper was in his 2nd year with USF after spending a year with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Before that he was part of the LSU staff.

Paul Wulff just completed his first year with USF. He was the 2nd coordinator in as many years.


This news is somewhat shocking and yet somehow it was expected. We all had a feeling changes were coming to the staff, the only thing is no one knew how big the changes would be. Bresnahan’s unit regressed this year and this change was not that surprising (to me at least). The move to fire Wulff is a little more shocking. This was the 2nd coordinator in two years for Coach Taggart and now he will be moving to his third in as many seasons. Cooper also being fired was a little surprising to me. Cooper has been known as a solid recruiter and good coaching during his tenure so his dismissal caught everyone off guard just a bit.

Ron Cooper is also out, per reports.


So where does USF go from here? They will need to make the right hires and will need to make them quickly. During this time of the year, recruiting is even more important and Coach Taggart will need to find the right hires to not only help recruit but also to install their systems before the spring practices begin. Will the new coordinator change the scheme back to a 4-3? Will the new offensive coordinator change the offense to more of a spread? There are a lot of questions swirling right now among these reports.

There is nothing official from USF yet, but if the reports are correct, there are some major changes coming to the football program. Stay tuned for more.

Update: USF has made it official via a press release.

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