5 keys for USF vs. UCF

Posted: November 26, 2014 in Football

Here we go, the final game of the year. Its been rough of late for the USF team. The offense has been shaky and the defense has given up a lot of yards. Now they are facing a 7-3 UCF squad on the day after Thanksgiving. What do the Bulls have left in the tank after a long season? Can they get a win to cap off the year? Here are my 5 keys to this last game of the 2014 season. 

Defend home field – USF is at home for the final game of the year. Raymond James hasn’t had a home field advantage at times, but for the final game of the year on senior day against a rival school, it needs to become a home field advantage for them. USF needs to come out energized and ready for this game and defend home field for the last time in 2014. Show some pride, come out with energy, rally on home field for the final time. This team needs to show energy and life in this game or it could get real bad, real fast.

Feed Marlon Mack- Mack set history last week, breaking 1000 yards for just the 4th time in program history. He’s the workhorse of the offense and in this final game, they need to continue to feed him early and often. We have no idea who will be at quarterback for this game and with that issue hanging over the offense, they need to feed the one consistent threat they have on offense. Mack has speed and power so its time to just run him constantly and throw it more to him (had 5 catches in the last game). If the offense can get him going with positive touches, he will make life easier for whoever is our starting quarterback.

19 seniors – For 19 seniors, it is their last college game of their careers (last football game for many). Players like Andre Davis, Reshard Cliett and Austin Reiter will exit Raymond James for the final time as a Bull. Wouldn’t it be great to send them out for the last game with a win under their belt? For this senior class and their teammates, they want to end the year on a positive note and have a chance. Its been a long 4 years for them with no bowl games in every year for them. Now they have a chance to end their careers with a win. Time to go out there and time to get it.

Fans want to see something – Everyone is upset. We are yelling at the coaches and their decisions. We want a quarterback to play an entire game. We want to see better play calling. We want the defense to step up better. Everyone is angry and demanding answers and we continue to get silence. For this team to silence the fans, a win will work. We just want to see this team finally get a win and end the losing streak. Just get a win and the fans will at least have something to smile about at the end of the year.

It’s UCF – Just beat them, please.


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