Inside the numbers: UCF

Posted: November 25, 2014 in Football

The Knights have a very balanced offense with Justin Holman running the show for them. They will spread the field and use the power run game to gash the Bulls up the middle if the USF isn’t careful. On defense, they are very stout and have a secondary that has 16 interceptions on the year. Here are the numbers behind both units as the Bulls prepare for the season finale. 

Offense – On offense, UCF is averaging 29 PPG. They average 129.3 yards per game on the ground, with 3.1 yards per carry (16 total touchdowns scored this year). The 3-4 front for the USF defense has struggled all year with run stopping so it will key for them to cover up the lanes in this game if they want to slow down the UCF offense. The Knights average 234.4 yards per game through the air with 7.8 yards per pass play and have 18 touchdowns through the air. USF is young in the secondary and have been out of position at times throughout the year. They can’t afford these mistakes again for Holman will throw all day against them. Overall they average 363.6 yards per game with 5.1 yards per play and hold onto the ball for 32 minutes a game. They are a balanced offense that can strike both on the ground and through the air. Chuck Bresnahan, better be ready for this one.


The UCF defense is allowing 18.5 PPG on the year. They are allowing just 115 yards per game on the ground with just 3.5 yards per carry (7 rushing touchdowns allowed all year). For the USF offense that relies so much on the run game, it could be a long day for them with very few openings for them to take advantage of. They allow 163.3 yards per game through the air, allowing just 5 yards per pass attempt (12 touchdowns all year allowed). With Mike White under center, he will have to be accurate and find his check down throws in this game because there won’t be a lot down the field. Overall, they allow just 278.3 yards per game overall, with just 4.2 yards per play. Opponents hold onto the ball for just 28 minutes per game, showing opponents go 3 and out very fast. This could be a very tough last game for the USF offense in 2014.


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