USF MBB hits the road to take on UAB

Posted: November 20, 2014 in Basketball

What you got Bulls?

After a strong opening weekend for Coach Antigua and his squad, the Bulls (2-0) are on the road for the first time this year as they head to take on an old conference foe in UAB (game begins at 8 PM). UAB went 18-13 last year, including 12-5 at home. They are 1-1 on the year.

UAB is working with a reloaded roster after their top two scorers left after last season. UAB is led by sophomore forward Tosin Mehinti (6’9″). He averaged 2.9 PPG and 3.4 RPG. He is averaging 17 PPG and 7.5 RPG in the first two games of the year. Senior forward CJ Washington is averaging 11 PPG and 5 RPG in the first two games of the year. He averaged 13 PPG, 6.9 RPG and added 25 steals last year and is their top scoring option that has returned for them this year. Sophomore guard Hakeem Baxter (6’2″) is averaging 7.5 PPG and has 5 steals on the year (guard with size and some speed). Junior guard Robert Brown (6’5″) is averaging 7 PPG, 5.5 RPG and has 7 assists. Freshman forward Chris Cokley (6’8″) 9.5 PPG and 7.5 RPG, giving UAB more size in the paint.

This is going to be a real tough test for the Bulls.They have won the first two games, but we still don’t know how good or bad this team is. Anthony Collins, Corey Allen Jr., and Chris Perry have been great to start the year and the newcomers like Jaleel Cousins and Nehemias Morrillo have been solid. We still haven’t seen Ruben Guerrero so it will be interesting if he is ready to go in this game. USF is facing a UAB squad that has size inside that pose a real challenge for the Bulls and their inexperienced team. USF will need Anthony Collins to run the show well and run the offense well. This is going to be a real tough test for the Bulls. Let’s see how they do in the first real challenge on the road.


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