Scouting SMU: Offense

Posted: November 13, 2014 in Football

SMU had their best outing of the year with Matt Davis under center in their last game, scoring a season high 28 points. The USF defense has struggled all year handling spread offenses and mobile quarterbacks and they are up against it again with the SMU offense. Can the USF defense get back on track in this game or is the SMU offense starting to make up? Let’s see who the Bulls will be dealing with in this game. 

Offensive line

At left tackle is sophomore Chauncey Briggs (6’5″ 300 lbs.). Briggs started 7 games at the end of last year, all at left tackle. Behind him is sophomore Seaver Myers (6’5″ 298 lbs.). At left guard is sophomore Daniel McCarty (6’4″ 272 lbs.). McCarty played in one game last year. Behind him is Seaver Myers (not a lot of depth on their line). At center is freshman Evan Brown (6’2″ 309 lbs.). Behind him is fellow freshman Williams Barns (6’2″ 279 lbs.). At right guard is junior Taylor Lasecki (6’3″ 300 lbs.). Lasecki made 12 starts last year at center before moving over this season (he is their most experienced player on the line). Behind him is Daniel McCarty. At right tackle is junior Kris Weeks (6’5″ 310 lbs.). Weeks started all 12 games last year at right tackle. Behind him is sophomore Christian Chamagua (6’6″ 294 lbs.).


At quarterback is sophomore Matt Davis (6′ 214 lbs.). He is 33 for 58 on the year for 332 yards with 1 touchdown and 3 interceptions. He also leads the team with 48 carries for 259 yards and has 2 touchdowns. He took over the starting job and will be the guy going in this game against USF. Behind him is junior Garret Krstich (6’3″ 199 lbs.) who is 96 for 174 for 849 yards with 2 touchdowns and 6 interceptions (39 carries for 81 yards).  They also have redshirt freshman Kolney Cassel (6’2″ 192 lbs.) who is 15 for 36 for 156 yards and a touchdown.

At running back is sophomore Prescott Line (6′ 228 lbs.). He has 44 carries for 147 yards and a touchdown on the year (7 catches for 21 yards). Behind him is junior Luke Seeker (5’11” 200 lbs.) who has 20 carries for 70 yards. Splitting time with him is junior KC Nlemichi (6′ 225 lbs.) who has 32 carries for 119 yards and a touchdown (10 catches for 111 yards).


At the X receiver position (they will rarely go to a tight end in the formation) is senior Der’rik Thompson (5’10” 186 lbs.) who has 28 catches for 416 yards and a touchdown. Behind him is redshirt freshman Cedric Lancaster (5’9″ 169 lbs.) who has 12 catches for 93 yards. At the H receiver position is sophomore Nate Halverson (5’10” 183 lbs.) who has 17 catches for 165 yards and 1 score on the year. Behind him is freshman Shelby Walker (6′ 144 lbs.) who has 6 grabs for 63 yards. At the Y receiver position is junior Darius Joseph (6′ 190 lbs.) who has 34 catches for 244 yards and a team high 2 touchdowns. Behind him is sophomore Deion Sanders Jr. (5’7″ 183 lbs., yes, related to the great one) who has 6 catches for 57 yards. At the Z receiver spot is junior Stephen Nelson (6′ 185 lbs.) who has 26 catches for 199 yards. Behind him is sophomore Jeremiah Gaines (6’2″ 230 lbs.) who has 2 catches for 29 yards.


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