Behind Enemy Lines: Cincinnati

Posted: October 23, 2014 in Football

As the Bulls hit the road again for their Friday night game against Cincinnati, I wanted to get some more inside information on the Bearcats and their team. So I asked my friend Jesse(@FrontOfficeNews) over at for some inside information and his thoughts on the upcoming game. Check out his answers and what he thinks the final score will be in this one. 

  1. Coach Tuberville was a big hire for the Bearcats. How has he changed the culture for Cincinnati in just 2 years and is the fan base excited for a coach like him?


We are excited to have Tubs, we feel because of his age the Bearcats may be able to keep him longer than the other coaches (Dantonio, Kelly and Jones). From the feedback I’ve heard the fans love him.


  1. How good is Gunner Kiel? He’s been throwing for over 300 yards a game this season, does he has any flaws in his game that the USF defense will be looking for?


Kiel is very good. He has a very talented arm, the only flaw in his game is he tends to lock on to his primary receiver and sometimes doesn’t take the easy throw, but what do you expect from a player who hasn’t played since senior in HS and has all of that talent?


  1. The Bearcats defense is allowing over 200 yards a game on the ground, how is that happening? Is this something fans are worried about with a ground-centered offense with USF coming to town?


Man to be honest our new defensive coordinator sucks, no way to sugar coat it. I don’t know if the players don’t fit his scheme or if he doesn’t know how to scheme with the set of players he currently has. We are very worried about a team that is run first oriented. Hopefully we don’t have a Memphis performance on defense Friday.


  1. Cincinnati is just 3-3 year. Did fans have higher expectations entering this year or is this what was expected from this team?


Honestly we all had higher expectations until the Memphis game brought us back to reality. Once we saw that game we as a fan base had to scale back expectations because of our defense. If our defense can be respectable sky is the limit, but before the season the only loss I thought was definite was the Ohio State game, I didn’t see us losing to Miami or Memphis. I knew Miami could be a toss up, but hey you have to stay optimistic. Hopefully we can land an 8 or 9 win season.


  1. What is your final score prediction in this one?


I’m going 28-21 Bearcats.


Thanks again to Jesse for the insights. Make sure to check out his work on where he’s the EIC & on where he contributes to keep fans informed on the Bearcats. Also follow him on twitter as well @FrontOfficeNews




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