Scouting Cincinnati: Offense

Posted: October 22, 2014 in Football

The Cincinnati offense is a spread system that will get multiple receivers on the field and will work fast. Quarterback Gunner Kiel has a quick release and will get the ball out fast to his playmakers, making life tough for the USF secondary. If the Bulls defense wants to hold its own in this game, they have to get pressure on Kiel and throw off his timing. Let’s see what the defense is facing against this unit. 

Offensive line

At left tackle is senior Eric Lefeld (6’6″ 309 lbs.). Behind him is junior Chad West (6’6″ 262 lbs.). At left guard is senior Kevin Schloemer (6’7″ 312 lbs.). Behind him is sophomore Ryan Leahy (6’6″ 282 lbs.). At center is sophomore Deyshawn Bond (6’2″ 287 lbs.). Behind him is senior Dominic Mainello (6’3″ 280 lbs.). At right guard is junior Parker Ehinger (6’7″ 292 lbs.). Behind him is redshirt freshman Kyle Williamson (6’5″ 286 lbs.). At right tackle is junior Justin Murray (6’5″ 294 lbs.) who is taking over for veteran starter Cory Keebler who is now out for the year.


At quarterback is sophomore transfer Gunner Kiel (6’4″ 208 lbs.). Kiel is 126 for 212 on the year for 1853 yards for 19 touchdowns and 6 interceptions (32 carries for 99 yards, he can move). Behind him is junior transfer Jarred Evans (6’2″ 190 lbs.) who is 2 for 5 on the year for 10 yards.


At running back is senior Hosey Williams (5’9″ 199 lbs.) who has 26 carries for 140 yards, including 3 catches for 33 yards on the season.  Behind him is senior Rod Moore (5’10” 176 lbs.) who has 42 carries for 143 yards with 3 touchdowns (3 catches for 40 yards). Joining them is junior Tion Green (6′ 220 lbs.) who has 28 carries for 118 yards with 1 touchdown (3 catches for 15 yards).


At tight end is sophomore DJ Dowdy (6’4″ 241 lbs.) who has 4 catches for 43 yards. Redshirt freshman Tyler Cogswell (6’4″ 248 lbs.) is behind him (mostly a blocker). At wide receiver (they tend to go to 4-wide at times) is junior MeKale McKay (6’6″ 195 lbs.) who has 19 catches for 377 yards on the season including 5 touchdowns. Behind him is junior Alex Chisum (6’3″ 195 lbs.) who has 13 catches for 121 yards and a touchdown. At the 2nd wide receiver position is junior Max Morrison (6’1″ 173 lbs.) who has 21 catches for 238 yards and 2 touchdowns on the year. Behind him is sophomore Nate Cole (6’1″ 193 lbs.) who has 6 grabs for 37 yards and a touchdown. At the 3rd wide receiver position is junior Shaq Washington (5’9″ 174 lbs.) who has 27 catches for 269 yards and 2 touchdowns. Behind him is Ralph David Abernathy IV (5’7″ 161 lbs.) who has 3 catches for 26 yards (I swear he’s been at Cincinnati for 10 years now). At the final wide receiver spot is junior Chris Moore (6’1″ 190 lbs.) who has 18 catches for 421 yards and 5 touchdowns (big time target). Behind him is junior Jeremy Graves (6’2″ 190 lbs.).


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