Scouting Cincinnati: Special Teams

Posted: October 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

Special teams have been solid this year for the Bulls and now they are going to be on the road in what could be a very close game between the two sides. USF will need to be ready to face the Cincinnati Bearcats’ special teams unit and stop them from making any momentum changing plays. Let’s see what they are facing in this game.

Place kicker – The starting place kicker is redshirt freshman Andrew Gantz (5’9″ 158 lbs.). Gantz is 7 for 8 this year (long of 46 yards) and is 23 for 25 in extra point attempts. Behind him is senior Tony Miliano (6’2″ 186 lbs.).

Punter – At punted is redshirt freshman Sam Geraci (6’2″ 212 lbs.) who has punted the ball 25 times, averaging just 36.9 yards per punt, landing 6 inside the opponents 20 yard line. Behind him is senior John Floyd (6’2″ 237 lbs.) who has punted it 6 times, averaging 40 yards per kick.

Long snapper – The long snapper is junior Kirk Willis (6’2″ 231 lbs.).

Holder – The holder is either John Floyd or Sam Geraci.

Kick return – At kick return is junior wide receiver Johnny Holton (6’3″ 190 lbs.) who has returned 21 kicks for a total of 450 yards. Behind him is junior wide receiver Shaw Washington (5’9″ 174 lbs.).

Punt return – At punt return is Shaq Washington who has returned 5 punts for a total of 25 yards.


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