Final thoughts: Tulsa

Posted: October 20, 2014 in Football

The win over Tulsa was an emotional roller coaster for everyone. In the first half, fans were calling for Flowers or Bench to replace Mike White. The offense was awful and the defense was being gashed by a then 1-5 Tulsa squad. It was ugly. I even wondered if the team realized they were in a game or were still asleep thanks to the 11 AM start time for them. Things were looking real bad until the team emerged from the locker room after half time. Whatever Coach Taggart said to his squad, the listened and woke up big time in the 2nd half.

The biggest comeback win in program history and record books re-written thanks to Andre Davis capped off an impressive win for the Bulls in the final 30 minutes of the game. No one was expecting it, but everyone will take it. Mike White looked like a different man out on the field, throwing strikes all over. Marlon Mack got going and carried the load. The defense turned it around and held Tulsa to just 3 points in the 2nd half. It was a complete turn around and a growing moment for this program.

The Bulls were up against ECU and let the game slip away. They showed signs of moving forward and playing a complete game, but they failed to finish. In this game, they started slow and it appeared they had not progressed since the ECU game, but something clicked at half time for the group and they finished a game. This was a complete game for the Bulls. They handled adversity and came away with a win, something the coaching staff has been preaching to them since day one. Now, they know what it takes to win a game from start to finish. They know they can handle a deficit and rally back. For a young team that is still learning, this was a major teaching lesson for them. Now they know what it takes to get the win and with that, they can take the next step forward. Now I won’t sit here and say they will win every single game going forward, but getting this win helps build the confidence for the team, something that has been lacking at times. I would expect this team to come out very focused and execute well on both sides of the ball against Cincinnati on Friday night. Hopefully this is a corner they are turning and we will begin to see the Bulls string along some victories as the season goes on.


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