Inside the numbers: Tulsa

Posted: October 14, 2014 in Football

Tulsa has struggled on both sides of the ball this year. They are fairly solid in running the ball and can get the ball down the field, but their defense has been gashed this year, especially on the ground. For the Bulls to stand a chance on the road, they will need to get the ground game going against a weak defensive front. Let’s learn more about their offense and defense.


The Tulsa offense has been averaging 23.5 PPG. They average 141.2 yards a game on the ground and average 3.4 yards per rush (6 total touchdowns on the ground). For the Bulls defense, they will have to make sure another team does not run it down their throats again. Tulsa averages 283 yards per game through the air and average 6.4 yards per pass attempt (11 touchdowns). The Golden Hurricanes are able to get the passing game and use mid-range throws that will cause issues for a USF defense that struggled against a short passing game (have faced it a few times this year). Overall, Tulsa averages 424 yards per game. For the USF defense that has faltered late in games the past few weeks, they cannot allow Tulsa to get going late in this game and take it to them on the road.


On defense, Tulsa allows 41.2 PPG. They allow 218.3 yards per game on the ground, allowing 6 yards per carry (14 touchdowns on the ground this year). For the Bulls, they will have to get the ground game going to control this game and should find the running lanes against a porous front line. They allow 290.3 yards per game through the air and 9 yards per pass attempt (17 touchdowns allowed this year). The Golden Hurricanes are also vulnerable through the air and the USF offense, which had some signs of life in the first half of the ECU game will have to get it going again and let Mike White find Andre Davis down the field. Overall, they allow 508.7 yards per game, making it a great chance for the Bulls to get some great consistency on offense in this game.


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