Meet the Tulsa coaching staff

Posted: October 13, 2014 in Football

The Tulsa coaching staff is a veteran group that has spent the past 4 years together and bring a lot of experience to the sidelines. Meet who coach Taggart and his staff will be facing off in this game.

Head coach Bill Blankenship – Blankenship is in this 4th year as the head coach of Tulsa (22-17 to enter the year). Back in 2012, Blankenship led his Hurricanes to 11 wins, the most in program history. Before he took over as the head coach, Blankenship spent the prior 7 years as an assistant coach, even working under Todd Graham when he first rejoined the Tulsa program (was a quarterback for Tulsa during his playing career). Blankenship has a long and successful coaching career since he worked his way up from the prep level. He spent time under Graham and knows spread offenses, making life tough for the Bulls as they hit the road for this game.

Offensive coordinator/offensive line coach Denver Johnson – Johnson is entering his 4th year on the Tulsa staff (took over as the OC position last year). Prior to coming to Tulsa, Johnson was the offensive line coach for Colorado for 2 years. Before that, he was the head coach both at Illinois State (for 9 years) and for 3 years at Murray State. Johnson brings a lot of experience to the sidelines and a lot of knowledge with spread offenses. The USF defense better be ready for this one.

Defensive coordinator/linebackers coach Brent Guy – Guy is entering his 4th year as the coordinator and brings a very aggressive style to the field with his play calling. Before coming to Tulsa, he spent 1 year as the DC at UNLV. Before that he was the DC at Louisville from 2005 to 2008. From 2005 to 2008 Guy was the head coach at Utah State as well, building even more experience to his resume. Look for Guy to bring a lot of pressure with his defensive unit, looking for turnovers and the big splash plays.


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