Inside the numbers: ECU

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Football

Here comes ECU and their powerful spread offense. The Pirates have a that will throw the ball over the field, forcing the USF defense to fly all over the field. They also have a strong run game and a mobile quarterback that will make life tough for the Bulls and Coach Bresnahan. On defense, the Pirates are solid, especially against the run using multiple looks out of their 3-4 package. Let’s dig into the numbers to see the how good ECU is on both sides of the ball.


The Pirates are averaging 43.6 PPG on the year. They average 185.6 yards per game on the ground and 6.1 yards per rush. They also have 12 total rushing touchdowns on the year as well. Both the quarterback, Shane Carden and the running backs, can get it done on the ground. ECU is averaging 395.6 yards per game through the air and average 8.6 yards per pass play. They have 16 touchdowns on the year so far. ECU runs a fast tempo offense that gets the ball out quickly, but they are not all short passes. The offense has the ability to hit long passes overhead, something the defense must be prepared for. Overall, ECU averages 581.4 yards per game and hold onto the fall for 27 minutes a game. ECU works fast, gets the yards, and usually gets off the field quickly. If the Bulls want to stand a chance in this game, they will have to force turnovers and will need their own offense to have extended drives to keep Carden and company off the field. Overall, the USF defense could be in for a long afternoon if they can’t force a few 3 and outs or force some turnovers early in the game.


On defense, ECU is allowing 25.2 PPG. They allow just 106.4 yards per game on the ground and just 3.3 yards per carry (have allowed 5 total touchdowns). The Pirates swarm at the point of attack and take away the running lanes. For the USF offense, they will have to get the passing game going to help out Mack and crew who might have a tough evening trying to run the ball.Through the air, ECU allows 260.2 yards per game and 5.8 yards per pass attempt (have allowed 9 touchdowns). The Pirates due allow passing yards, but they keep everything short and in front of them, not allowing the big plays down the field. For the Bulls and Mike White, he has to be smart with the ball and get the yards the defense allows for him. The short throws will be there and they can be throws that keep drives alive. Overall, they allow 366.6 yards per game and opponents hold onto the ball for an average of 32 minutes a game. The key to this game will be for the Bulls controlling the ball, converting third downs and keeping the ECU offense on the sidelines. If the offense can sustain drives, they have a chance in this game. Mike White will have to be smart with the ball and the skill players will have to convert on third down to give the Bulls a fighting chance in this game.


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