Scouting Wisconsin: Special Teams

Posted: September 24, 2014 in Football

Special teams are always important and a game on the road in a hostile environment, they will be critical for the Bulls if they want to stand a chance. Let’s learn more about the specialist for Wisconsin as the Bulls hit the road for this huge road game.

Punter: The starting punter is junior Drew Meyer (6’3″ 187 lbs.). He has punted 12 times, averaging 39.2 yards per kick and has a long of 57 yards. Behind him is freshman PJ Rosowksi (6’3″ 186 lbs.).

Field goal kicker: Kicking field goals is freshman Rafael Gaglianone (5’11” 231 lbs.). He is 3 for 4 on field goals this year, hitting a long of 51 yards. Behind him is junior Jack Russell (6’1″ 176 lbs.).

Kick-off kicker: Kicking off is sophomore Andrew Endicott (5’9″ 175 lbs.). He has kicked-off 21 times and has landed 6 for touchbacks. Behind him is Rafael Gaglianone.

Long snapper (punts): The long snapper on punts is senior James McGuire (6′ 216 lbs.). He is a two year starter. Behind him is sophomore Connor Udelhoven (5’11” 211 lbs.).

Long snapper (field goals): Connor Udelhoven is the snapper on field goals and played in 11 games last year. Behind him is James McGuire.

Holder: The holder is punter Drew Meyer with James McGuire as his back-up.

Punt return: At punt return is senior wide receiver Kenzel Doe (5’8″ 176 lbs.). He has 10 returns for 97 yards (Mattias Ciabatti has to keep it away from him). Behind him is sophomore wide receiver Alex Erickson (6′ 176 lbs.).

Kick return: At kick return is Kenzel Doe again. He has 5 returns for 115 yards on the year (again, Kloss has to keep it away from him). Behind him is sophomore running back Corey Clement (5’11” 217 lbs.).



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