5 keys for USF vs. Uconn

Posted: September 18, 2014 in Football

Well, here we go. The Bulls are 1-2 but its the start of conference play.  A lot can happen as the Bulls begin AAC play with a clean slate. It’s a new season, a chance for the Bulls to get a big win in the league and a chance to keep their bowl game hopes alive (also match last year’s win total). Here are my 5 keys heading into the Friday night showdown.

Get the passing game going – Saturday was bad, real bad. Neither White or Quinton Flowers late in the game, could get anything going. Against Uconn, they are facing another tough defense but not as brutal as NC State (they aren’t that good either). This is a game where the USF QBs need to get it going. I’m not calling for a 300-yard game or 10 touchdowns, but how about 200 yards, 2 touchdowns, no interceptions? Whoever gets the start or the majority of the snaps, they have to get the ball out and the offensive coaching staff needs to get the quick throws and confidence boosting throws called early and often in the game.

Calling out the offensive line – They were beaten badly on Saturday and need to be called out. They are bigger and stronger this year, but they still can’t keep the QBs on their feet and or open up the running lanes. Thor might play in this game, but one player isn’t going to change everything. The entire unit needs to dig deep and get after in this game. This is a big chance for the Bulls to start AAC play on a strong note (a winnable league) and they need the line to get going in this game. Get after it big guys!

Feed Mack – 3 straight games, 3 straight starts for Mack. Darius Tice didn’t even get a snap in the loss to NC State with Mack being the feature back. At this stage, he is the go-to back and will probably see the bulk of the carries for the team moving forward. The offense is bad right now but Mack has run well when given the rock and if the USF QBs continue to struggle, they just need to hand it off to him. Mack can carry the load and the Bulls need to continue to feed the rock to him. Now, if the offensive line could open up some lanes for him…

Shape up, defense – After a strong game against the Maryland, the Bulls got their teeth kicked in against NC State. 49 points, over 500 yards of offense against a team that barely beat Georgia Southern? Not a good sign for the unit. They had no pressure in the loss to NC State, no take aways, and the secondary got toasted. They are facing a Uconn team that has struggled to run the ball and get anything going. They should have a better outing in this game but I need to see it. What you got Coach Bresnahan??

Build – We pretty much hit rock bottom in the last game. It was awful from top to bottom. The Bulls are a young team and so many true freshmen and sophomores are playing out there. They have to learn from a beat down and it might be the best thing for them moving forward. It shows them how far they have to go and hopefully the coaching staff can teach them through it. They learned a lot last year and are right back where they were last year. Can they improve on it and learn from the mistakes? We shall see on Friday night.


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