Scouting Uconn: Special teams

Posted: September 16, 2014 in Football

Deshon Foxx is a pretty good return man for the Huskies.

Special teams are always important and in what could be a very low scoring, hard fought game, special teams are even more important between the two sides. Here are the special team players for the Huskies.

Kicker – The starting kicker is redshirt sophomore Bobby Puyol (5’10” 174 lbs.). He is 5 for 5 on field attempts with a long of 52 yards. He has also kicked-off 13 times, sending 4 for touchbacks. Behind him is freshman Chase Briley (5’11” 165 lbs.).

Punter – The starting punter is redshirt sophomore Justin Wain (6’3″ 204 lbs.). He has punted 20 times, averaging 40.7 yards per kick. 7 of his kicks have landed inside the opponents 20-yard line and 2 have gone for over 50 yards. His back-up is Chase Briley.

Holder – The holder is redshirt freshman Blake Feagles (5’10” 205 lbs.). The back-up is punter Justin Wain.

Long snapper – At long snapper is redshirt junior Dominick Manco (6′ 213 lbs.) with redshirt senior Adam Mueller (6′ 212 lbs.) as his back-up.

Kick return – At kick return is senior wide receiver Deshon Foxx (5’10” 172 lbs.). He has 3 returns for 48 yards. Behind him is redshirt freshman running back Joshua Marriner (5’9″ 193 lbs.) who has 1 for 17 yards. Freshman running back Arkel Newsome (5’7″ 180 lbs.) has 6 returns for 115 yards as well.

Punt return – At punt return is Deshon Foxx again. He has returned 4 for 84 yards on the year and 1 for a touchdown. His back-up is sophomore wide receiver Brian Lemelle (5’10” 165 lbs.).


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