Inside the numbers: NC State

Posted: September 9, 2014 in Football

NC State comes down to Tampa with a 2-0 record, but it hasn’t been an easy two wins for NC State. A come from behind win over Georgia Southern in their opener and a 46 to 34 win over Old Dominion in the last game, things haven’t been easy in Raleigh. Here are the numbers behind the Wolfpack for their first two games as the Bulls take the field with them.


The Wolfpack offense is averaging 35 points per game to start the season. They average 207 yards on the ground and average 5.6 yards per run. They have scored a total of 4 touchdowns on the ground as well, posing a huge threat to the 3-4 defense front of the Bulls. Through the air, they are averaging 272 yards per game and have a total of 5 touchdowns. The USF secondary adjusted well in the Maryland game, taking away the quick throws that burned them in the opener vs. Western Carolina. They will have to keep at this pace to make sure they keep it that way. Overall, NC State is averaging 479 yards in the first two games and 6.7 yards per play. NC State will spread the field and will try to make big plays.


The Wolfpack defense hasn’t been that stout this season. They have allowed an average of 28.5 points per game. On the ground, they are allowing 221 yards per game and 5.3 yards per rush (4 total touchdowns allowed). The USF run game and offensive line have to take advantage of this (get Mack going). They are allowing 250 yards per game through the air and have allowed 3 touchdowns. For Steven Bench or whoever takes over under center with Mike White injured, they will have some looks down the field and the run game should help open up some receivers on the edges. Overall, they are allowing 471 yards a game and 6.2 yards per play. Overall, the USF offense should be able to move the ball and will need to take advantage in the run game and control the pace of this game.

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