Reaction to new two-deep USF depth chart

Posted: August 26, 2014 in Football

The Bulls put out their updated two-deep depth chart in preparation for this week’s upcoming game vs. Western Carolina. There were a few surprises on it, including 10 freshmen, 5 true and 5 redshirt, breaking the two-deep ranks. Here are my thoughts on each position as the team prepares for game one. 


X Wide receiver position – Andre Davis 6-1 207 Sr., Ryeshene Bronson 6-3 187 Fr.

Andre Davis is the big time star at wide receiver so no surprise he is the starter. It is interesting to see a true freshman in Bronson, getting the spot behind him over others like Zach Benjamin and others.

Z wide receiver position – Deonte Welch 6-0 215 Sr., Rodney Adams 6-1 190 So.

Welch is another senior getting the starting nod (with Dunkley at corner, only makes sense). It’s great to see Adams on the two-deep as well.

Y (TE) Sean Price 6-3 250 Jr., Mike McFarland 6-5 252 Sr.

Price had a great fall camp and McFarland was limited due to some kind of knee injury. I would expect Marlon Pope to get some playing time, especially on redzone and power formations that require a bigger blocker on the edge.

LT Darrell Williams 6-5 307 Sr., Kofi Amichia 6-4 290 So.

Again, no surprise with Williams entering his third year as the starter at left tackle. Amichia was at center last year but has bulked up more and has the spot behind Williams.

LG Thor Jozwiak 6-4 321 Jr., Jeremi Hall 6-5 345 RFr.

It is so good to see Thor back in the depth chart. He is healthy and has been a vocal leader throughout the off-season. Hall is a big guy and a nice addition to the two-deep.

C Austin Reiter 6-3 296 Sr., Cameron Ruff 6-3 313 RFr.

Reiter, likes Williams, is entering his third year as the returning starter. Ruff has secured the back-up center spot and has added a lot of weight (which is good).

RG Quinterrius Eatmon 6-6 313 Sr., Dominique Threatt 6-1 320 So.

This one still surprises me but its more than official now. Eatmon moved to guard in the spring and it has stuck. I guess the issues he had with footwork last year were one of the many reasons to move him inside. Let’s hope it works out well.

RT Brynjar Gudmundsson 6-4 305 Jr., Clavion Nelson 6-3 302 Jr.

Again, another move that is still strange. Gudmundsson was at guard last year so I hope the change works out. Where is Mak Djulbegovic on the two deep? (Is he hurt?). Having a converted defensive tackle as the back up is a little concerning to me.

HB Darius Tice 5-10 206 So., Marlon Mack 6-0 195 Fr.

Tice gets the starting nod but how many carries will he get? How long before Mack becomes the starter or does D’Ernest Johnson, not on the two deep, gets more carries? Where is Sta’Fon McCray?

QB Mike White 6-4 211 So., Steven Bench 6-2 215 Jr.

Coach Taggart had already announced White as the starter. I just wonder if there will be any special packages that have Steven Bench coming into the game.

FB Kennard Swanson 6-0 253 RFr., Brandon Harris 5-11 233 Jr.

Swanson is no surprise (rated one of the best fullbacks coming out of high school two years ago). Harris, a walk-on from last year, gets the number two spot. I recall Corian Hamilton, a linebacker, being listed on the two-deep in the spring.


It is now showing the 3-4 set that we have been talking about. Still expect to see the 4-3 as well.

DT Eric Lee 6-3 248 Jr., Demetrius Hill 6-3 270 Jr.

Lee has starting experience at the end spot, but expect to see Demetrius Hill a lot as well.

NT Todd Chandler 6-0 321 Sr., Deadrin Senat 6-1 300 RFr.

Chandler is the big man at the center of the defense. I wonder how many snaps Senat will see.

DT Elkino Watson 6-2 291 Sr., Derrick Calloway 6-2 285 So.

Watson and Calloway are listed at defensive tackle but its more of a hybrid roll with them coming more off of the edge at times. It should be fun to watch how they progress in this position.

OLB (SAM) Reshard Cliett 6-2 235 Sr., C.J. Garye 6-3 228 Jr.

Cliett is a team captain and should have a huge year. It is kind of funny to see another converted safety in Garye, right behind him on the depth chart.

ILB (MIKE) Auggie Sanchez 6-2 241 RFr., LeGrande Harley 6-1 230 Jr.

Sanchez made a statement in the spring and kept it going in the fall. I would expect to see plenty of Harley this year as well, he does have junior college experience which will help him out.

ILB (WILL) Nigel Harris 6-0 220 So., Rahmon Swain 6-0 222 Sr.

Big things are expected from Harris in his second year. Swain is an experience senior that will help with depth. Its interesting to see no Zack Bullock, Corian Hamilton, or others. A lot of Taggart’s guys on this depth chart.

OLB (BUCK) Tashon Whitehurst 6-3 225 Jr., Vincent Jackson 6-2 246 Fr.

Whitehurst sort of disappeared last year but is back and starting on the outside. Jackson is another true freshman breaking the two-deep to start the season.

CB Johnny Ward 6-0 178 So., Lamar Robbins 6-2 200 So.

Ward became a starter last year and nothing has changed. I would expect to see a lot of Robbins though, especially when teams go with multiple wide receiver formations.

CS Jamie Byrd 5-11 184 Jr., Devin Abraham 5-9 187 Fr.

Byrd enrolled early out of junior college and should bring some big time hits in the secondary. Abraham, another early enrollee, is healthy and has beaten out a few players for the two-deep spot.

OS Nate Godwin 5-10 202 So., Hassan Childs 6-0 188 So.

Godwin is one of my favorite players emerging in the secondary. Childs started a few games last year at safety and brings experience depth.

CB Chris Dunkley 6-0 188 Sr., Deatrick Nichols 5-10 186 Fr.

Dunkley at starter still worries me. Nichols, another early enrollee, will see playing time this year, count on that.

Special teams

P Mattias Ciabatti 6-0 189 Jr., Eric Briggs 6-2 197 Fr.

Again, no surprise. Ciabatti is the starter. Briggs is a freshman walk-on.

PK Marvin Kloss 6-0 209 Sr., Emilio Nadelman 5-6 173 RFr.

Duh, Marvin is money.

H Mattias Ciabatti 6-0 189 Jr., Alex Mut 6-3 205 So.

Ciabatti was the holder last year.

LS Alex Salvato 5-11 200 So., Jake Carlton 6-3 240 Sr.

With David Burdetsky gone, his back-up for the past two years is now the starter.

KO Marvin Kloss 6-0 209 Sr.


KR Chris Dunkley 6-0 188 Sr., Rodney Adams 6-1 190 So.

Dunkley has elite speed and this will get him a chance to show it off.

PR Chris Dunkley 6-0 188 Sr., Andre Davis 6-1 207 Sr.

Dunkley returned one last year and we are hoping more this year. Davis is sure-handed so smart move.

So what are your thoughts USF family? Any huge surprises? Overall, there is a lot of talent on the two-deep, but also a lot of youth and growing up to do. I can’t wait to get the season started.




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