Update: Slight tweak to USF football jersey or maybe not?

Posted: August 18, 2014 in Football

Per Joey Knight, Coach Taggart, and various other media sources – The USF jersey will look a little different this year. The names on the backs of the jerseys are now gone and will be replaced with “The Team” for every player.

As Coach Taggart mentioned, he wants the team to focus more on the team as a whole and not the individual.

UPDATE: Jeff Odom of the Tampa Bay Times found something real interesting about the jerseys and its something USF may not be able to do.

So per NCAA rules, USF can’t have the “The Team” on the back of the jersey and if they did they would have to give up a time out at the beginning of each quarter. Only the military academies like Navy, Army, and Air Force, can substitute the name of the back. I would imagine the NCAA will be looking into this and something USF will have to correct real fast. Either go with a name, get an NCAA waiver to put “The Team” on the back, or just go without a name.

I’m sure USF will have some sort of statement about this before the first game. It should be interesting.


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