Reviewing the unit analyses grades

Posted: August 12, 2014 in Football

The unit analyses are out and each unit has been graded. Some grades are fairly high, some are much lower. Here are the grades all together so let’s see how I rated all of the units. 

Secondary: B

Defensive line: B-

Linebackers: B

Special Teams: B+

Offensive line: C-

Quarterbacks: C+

Running backs/Fullbacks: C

Wide receivers: B

Tight ends: B

So those who have been reading and following along, what are your thoughts? Think a unit is ranked too low? Maybe a C grade on RBs and FBs is pretty low, but what do you think they should be graded at? The lowest grade is the offensive line and we all know my thoughts on that unit. Special teams is the highest rated unit, but will they take a hit without David Burdetsky, the two year starter at long snapper, now gone?

Grading the units is so hard to do at this point of the year. We have a handful of practices, a spring game, and a roster to go by and of course the tape from last year. I think things will be a lot different this year. The offense should be better, the defense has a lot of new faces, and even the coaching staff is different. So, overall, its hard to grade these units without a lot to go on. Face the facts, no one is really sure what to expect this year. No one can say for a fact that this team will win a certain amount of games and expectations are so varied, it is one of the first time I don’t know what to expect, whether good or bad. So, the grades might be harsh or too kind, but its the best guesswork I can do!


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