250th post! Thank you USF fans

Posted: May 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

I just wanted to mark this post as a historic one for my little blog, it is number 250. I just wanted to stop and say thank you to all those who read the blog daily. I do the blog for fun because it gives me a platform to rant and rave about all things USF. I’m truly grateful that the Green and Gold faithful that stop and read my rants throughout the week.

Now, here is what is coming up on the blog in the following months. I’ll break it down sport by sport. 

Football: A lot is coming! So far, the Rush through the Roster series is going strong. We are currently in the 70s as we make our way through the entire roster. As the season draws closer, I’ll have reviews of each position, looking at the entire depth chart and who could emerge as starters. Then as the fall camp begins, I’ll have any updates that arise, such as players leaving, moving up and down the depth chart, or anything else. Finally as August 30th arrives, a full preview of Western Carolina, down to their back-up punter, will be available to read.

Soccer programs: I’ll begin bringing season previews for both soccer programs. I’ll start by reviewing each roster, how they will fair in the AAC, and how the schedules stack up for them. Neither schedule has been released at this point, but I’d expect they will available very soon.

Volleyball: With a top 100 recruiting class and the AAC player of the year, volleyball is set for a big year and I’ll be cranking up the coverage for them. The schedule and roster are out, so as the season draws closer (91 days and counting), keep an eye out for coverage on that.

Basketball programs: Basketball is still pretty far off (November will be here fast) but I’ll start looking at the rosters, what returns, who we might be facing (when schedules are released), and how each team will stack up. This information will be way down the road, but never too early to start looking ahead just a bit.

I’ll have other fun stuff along the way, even looking at top 5 players to watch for football, some funny stuff, a few TBT along the way, so stay tuned and thanks as always for reading along.


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