Sorting out the new look USF men’s basketball roster

Posted: May 22, 2014 in Basketball

In just the past few months, the USF men’s basketball team has undergone a massive transformation. A new head coach, several players transferring out, and several new players joining the roster for the 2014-15 season has completed changed the roster from top to bottom. Some of these new players will be on the court right away, others have to sit a year. Overall, its a lot of moving pieces to keep track of so let’s take a minute to look to sort it out all out and what it means for the upcoming season.

Let’s start with who has joined (still have to enroll, etc.) the team over the past few months:

Center/Forward Ruben Guerrero – 6’10” – Freshman

Forward Nehemias Morillo – 6’5″ – Sophomore

Center Jaleel Cousins – 6’10” – Junior

Guard Troy Holston – 6’4″ – Freshman

Guard Dinero Mercurius – 6’4″ – Freshman

Guard Kareem Canty – 6’1″ – Junior (Must sit out 2014-15 season, 2 years eligible after that)

Guard Roddy Peters – 6’3″ – Sophomore ((Must sit out 2014-15 season, 2 years eligible after that)

That’s 7 new faces to the roster, completely transforming the roster that went just 12-20 last season. Two players, Canty and Peters, will have to sit out the entire season due to transfer rules, but will be eligible in 2015.

Here is the current roster that these 7 players are joining heading into the season:

Guard Corey Allen Jr. – 6′ – Senior

Guard Jake Bodway – 6’2″ – Redshirt freshman

Forward Dre Clayton – 6’6″ – Redshirt freshman

Guard Anthony Collins – 6’1″ – Senior

Center Jordan Omogbehin – 7’3″ – Redshirt senior

Forward Chris Perry – 6’8″ – Sophomore

Guard/Forward Bo Zeigler – 6’6″ – Redshirt freshman

So with the 7 incoming players and the returning roster, Coach Antigua now has a full roster of 14 players, including 13 on scholarship (Bodway is not on scholarship). Now with 2 players (Peters and Canty) having to sit for the year, the Bulls will have 12 players available to play during the 2014-15 season. This gives Coach Antigua a lot of options and a full roster to pick and choose from.

So what will the starting 5 look like for the Bulls when they step onto the court? At this point, no one has a clue. This team is so different now, it has such a different look with a new coaching staff that is just getting started. Will Coach O decide to go with a big lineup and start Guerrero, Perry, and Collins? Or will he go with a small, multi-guard lineup and try to run up and down the court? We will have to wait and see, but for now, here is how I could see the lineup looking like for the first game.

PG – Anthony Collins

SG – Corey Allen Jr.

SG/SF – Nehemias Morillo

PF – Chris Perry

C – Jaleel Cousins

This is just my prediction on how the starting 5 will look. We won’t know how this team will run until everyone is back on campus and the pre-season begins.





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