Analyzing FAU: Special Teams

Posted: September 10, 2013 in Football

Special teams are always important and for the reeling Bulls, they need every play they can to try to get a win.  Let’s see what they are facing with the Owls special teams units. 


Sean Kelly – 5’10” 186 lbs. – Sophomore

Kelly punted it 68 times last season, averaging 39.9 yards per punt, hitting a long of 68 yards.  He landed 16 inside the opponents 20 and 14 of them went over 50 yards (only 5 touchbacks).  He also kicked off 6 times averaging 62.2 yards per kick and landed 2 of them for a toucback.  So far, he has punted it 15 times this year, averaging just over 41 yards per kick and hit a long of 61 yards.  He has hit 7 inside the opponents 20 and 5 of them have been over 50 yards, giving the field position advantage to the Owls.  Hopefully Kenneth Durden won’t try to field a long kick near the 10 yard line like he did last week at MSU.


Mitch Anderson – 5’11” 186 lbs. – Graduate student

Anderson went 7 for 14 in field goals last season, hitting a long of 39 yards (had one blocked).  He kicked off 44 times, averaging 62.1 yards per kick and landed 21 for touchbacks last season.  This year he is 4 out of 6, hitting a long of 44 yards this season.  He has kicked off 7 times, averaging 61 yards per kick and has sent 4 of them for touchbacks.  Hopefully USF can do something in the return game to help set up the offense.

Punt return

The top return man is Robert Lohnes, he has returned 5 punts for 40 yards.  Mattias Ciabatti, who had a much better game vs. MSU than he did vs. McNeese, will have to keep it away from him.

Kick return

The top returner from last season is junior defensive back D’Joun Smith (5’11” 175 lbs.) who returned 10 kicks for 214 yards last season.  He had 1 for 24 yards this season.  Lucky Whitehead has been their most effective returner this year with 2 returns for 24 yards.  Marvin Kloss has been solid the first two weeks and I expect him to continue to boom kicks out of the back of endzone and not give FAU a lot of looks to return it.


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