Game Day: Michigan State

Posted: September 7, 2013 in Football

Game two, and what a game it will be for USF.  After getting our butts handed to us from McNeese State, the Bulls are on the road against the tough Spartans of Michigan State.  MSU is a very good team, bringing a top notch defense and power run game that could flatten USF is they don’t come out with energy and focus that Coach Taggart has been preaching they need.

USF got beat up pretty bad last Saturday and after a full week, it’s time for them to respond.  Which team will we see, a team that is focused and ready to prove they have learned and come a long way since the defeat, or will we see the same old story again.  Will we see our team come out, get down by a score or two and hang their heads and just hand the victory over without a fight?  I want to see this team battle.  No one is really giving USF a chance, but they do have one.  Let’s see what they do and what kind of heart this group has.

  1. When do you think we will put Bench as starting QB?

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