5 key match-ups vs. Michigan State

Posted: September 6, 2013 in Football


After the loss to McNeese State, there are so many areas of trouble for USF to figure out before hitting the road for Michigan State.  Here are some of the key match-ups (picked a few of them) that will be key in the decision of the game. 

Sean Price vs. LB Max Bullough

Price had one grab against McNeese and needs to be a big factor in the passing game.  Bullough is the Spartans best defender and flies all over the field.  Price has to work inside and get open to help the passing game, but lining up on a linebacker like Bullough will be a huge challenge.  Price will also have to block well in the game against rushers like Bullough or the starting USF quarterback will be seeing a lot of sky in this game.

Aaron Lynch vs. LT Dan France

Lynch had 3 tackles in the opener and hardly got any pressure.  The big time talent needs to play up to his skill set and come out fired up in this game (also stay in his gap assignments as well).  France is the big time tackle for the Spartans and protects the blind side of whoever the quarterback is for MSU.  If Lynch is all we think he can be, he will have to do something.  I want to see Lynch get pressure, move the quarterback and collapse running lanes before anyone can get down field and cause trouble.

USF front 7 vs. Offensive line for MSU

Along with Lynch, the front 7 (the Green Plague, more like a minor rash) didn’t show up in the first game.  Yeah, Reshard Cliett played well, but one out of seven just won’t get it done.  They are the strength of this defense and need to prove it on Saturday.  If the defense is going to survive and give the Bulls a chance to win this thing, they have to show up.  Get a sack at least and make sure the running backs don’t wear the clock down.

Coach Taggart vs. Road trip

If you listened to the post game news conference, Coach Taggart was far from happy.  Coach T said some players gave up, many didn’t do their assigned job and that he and the staff would find the guys that would get it done and play them.  Well coach, hope you find them.  After being embarrassed in front of the home crowd, this young and mentally fragile team (his words) hits the road in the Big Ten and faces a daunting challenge.  Can he get them ready? We pray so.

USF starting quarterback  vs. MSU defense

Who will be the starting quarterback for USF? Floyd again? Eveld? Or do we release Bench (if he is healthy enough to go)?  Whoever it is will have their hands full with one of the toughest defenses in the nation in the Spartans.  If USF wants to stand a chance, they will have to find a quarterback that can get the ball out quick, find open receivers, and can play smart.  If the Bulls get nothing from either Floyd or Eveld, it could be a very long and painful afternoon for USF fans.


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