I still have hope in USF football

Posted: September 4, 2013 in Football

Saturday was rough and this week could be more of the same, but there is reason to hope.

After taking a few days to cool down, process what happened on Saturday and seeing what this team truly is, I’m stepping away from the ledge.  Losing to an FCS school was beyond embarrassing.  Not just losing to them, but the way we did in our own home, it was awful (although 7 other schools lost to FCS teams, so we aren’t alone there).  Saturday was rough, but after taking time to process it, I’m keeping faith but it will be a painful journey. 

There is not much more we can say about Saturday, they were awful.  The offense couldn’t do a thing, Matt Floyd looked lost and our defense got run all over.  It looked like last season and after hearing Coach Taggart say the team is “mentally fragile” it is easy to see the losing from last year has set them back as a program for years.

Last year, especially late, we could see the team take a lead but when one bad play happened or the opponent turned the tides against us, the Bulls hung their heads and the “here we go again” factor took over.  Skip didn’t do anything in those final games to try to coach the team up, inspire them or get them out of the rut they were in, the spiral into defeat had taken over.  It was painful and frustrating to see a coaching staff that was already packing their bags continue to repeat the same garbage at each press conference and do nothing in those final games.

Enter Taggart.  Taggart has said since day one, the team has to do something and can’t expect anything from anyone.  The team has to be accountable for itself and its actions.  On Saturday, they didn’t’ do that. When McNeese State came out and took the game to the Bulls, we saw a repeat of last year.  A team that just couldn’t battle back, couldn’t get their minds right, and just let the Cowboys roll over them.

Now we can talk about the lack of talent on the roster and there are major holes, like quarterback and the coaching wasn’t the greatest either.  Coach Bresnahan could be another Cosh after seeing the defensive backs missing everything that night, but it comes down to the mental part of the game.  I went to the game looking not only at the execution and talent level, but at the mentality of the team.  I wanted to see how they would respond when things got tough and I was disappointed.  Coach Taggart said it was his worse fear that the team wouldn’t respond well when it got bad and he now knows where they are at and how far they have to go to get back to a competitive level.

This is why I have faith still USF family, I’m not standing on the ledge after one game.  I know it was ugly, but hearing what Coach Taggart is saying, laying it out there that the team mentality has to change and be accountable for their actions, gives me hope. Last year we would hear the team was just a few plays away from being really good and really competed well out there, the BS from Skip stunk it up pretty bad and the smell is still lingering as Coach Taggart tries to air out athletics.

This year is going to be rough.  For one, the talent level is down and Coach Taggart will need time to recruit and bring in players that can run his system.  But more importantly, he will need time to change the mentality.  He will have to get these players focused and not hold their heads down when it gets tough in a game.  McNeese State was a wake-up call, maybe something the team and program needed to wake them up.  The rest of the season could be painful, but if this team fights, learns, and makes progress that we all can see, then I’ll continue to have hope.

It was one game, step away from the ledge folks.  Have faith and hope in this team and Coach Taggart and we will see it come around.

  1. Good message, I can say one thing I rather lose like this in the first game or two than go 4-0 in the first games and than suck in our conference. We need to get the team moving than put our focus on do the best in the ” America “. Go Bulls!!!!

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