Meet the Coaches: Michigan State

Posted: September 2, 2013 in Football

The Bulls will be facing a well coached MSU squad that is led by their defense and Head Coach Mark Dantonio.  Let’s get to know them a little more. 

Head Coach Mark Dantonio – Coach Dantonio has been the head coach of MSU for 7 years and has been a great success in East Lansing.  He has led them to 6 straight bowl games, including a win over TCU last season.  He is known for a power running game on offense and a well coached and well taught defense that leads his teams in their Big East schedule.  Coach Dantonio had a little background in the Big East, USF’s old home, back from 2004 to 2006 when he was the HC for Cincinnati.  Coach Dantonio is a great coach and always has his team ready to play.

Defensive coordinator Pat Narduzzi (assistant coach) – Coach Narduzzi is entering his 7th season as the DC for the Spartans and has coached some of the most stout defenses in the country the past few years.  Running out of the 4-3 base set, Narduzzi’s defenses are known for hard hitting and for their play in the run game.  Look for the MSU defense to be well prepared and ready to hit hard with Coach Narduzzi calling the shots from the sideline.

Offensive coordinators Jim Bollman and Dave Warner – It is a slightly unique situation for MSU in that they have two coordinators calling teh shots.  Jim Bollman is entering his first year with MSU after spending last season as the offensive line coach with Boston College.  Before that he was the offensive coordinator/offensive line coach for Ohio State, bringing a lot of experience in the Big Ten and will help the run game out with his extensive knowledge with the run game and linemen.  The other coordinator is Dave Warner who is entering his 7th season with the Spartans.  He is moving to coach the running backs after coaching the quarterbacks last season.  I would expect him to continue the same power run game offense that has made them successful for the past few years.

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